29.08.2013 Author: Konstantin Penzev

Obama Regime on the Warpath to Syria

US_Navy_081025-N-4236E-931_A_multi-national_group_of_Foreign_Navy_ships_participate_in_a_photo_exercise_with_ships_from_the_Iwo_Jima_Expeditionary_Strike_Group_during_a_bilateral_exercise_in_the_Persian_GulfIt all started out with words. On December 3 2012 Hillary Clinton that was the Secretary of State at the time outlined the possible reasons for the United States military involvement in Syria: “The usage of chemical weapons is like a red line for the United States”.

After this statement all that we could wait for was a crudely fabricated casus belli. Early in the morning on Match 19 2012 in Aleppo observers witnessed a chemical attack. Since the Assad’s opponents in this war are pretty dumb (and cowardly on top of all) the fact that it was the rebels who used the WMDs became known pretty fast. All in all the Islamists had to make a number of attempts before they’ve “finally” managed to get it relatively clean on August 21, 2013. So if they did succeeded in leaving a minimum amount of clues, it seems that the Obama administration has finally got a long awaited excuse to attack Syria.

Bashar Assad was absolutely right when he said in an interview to the Russian journalists that Washington presses charges first and collects evidences later. There’s only one remark to be made, it’s not collecting them, he makes them up. How much more Iraqi-like wars do you need to finally get it?

After the chemical attack of March 19 it has become clear that Washington had three options:

  1. Admit that it was the rebels who resorted to the usage of chemical weapons and force them to the peaceful negotiations with the Syrian authorities.

  2. Admit that it was the rebels who resorted to the usage of chemical weapons and start the preparations for the military intervention in Syria in order to relieve the suffering of the Syrian people fighting a horde of mercenaries.

  3. Refrain from admitting that it was the rebels who resorted to the chemical weapons usage, blame it all on Assad and start the preparations for the military intervention in Syria.

The first case was possible but the United States should have had faith in God to stop killing innocent people for the petrol money. The second case was rather impossible since it sounded too fairytalish. The most realistic – the third case is what we see happening today.

According to NTV – the Russian news network, the Syrian rebels have been told by their Western friends that a military operation against Syria is a decided matter. This claim was supported by the Reuters journalists that were present at a meeting of the so-called Syrian National Coalition with their friends from Europe and the United States.

On August 24 the news reports stated that the USA NAVY is accumulating its forces in the Mediterranean sea. Currently there’s a total of 5 ships stationed here that carry around 112 cruise missiles. The two more carrier strike groups are stationed in the Persian Gulf, they carry around a hundred planes and 186 cruise missiles. If this amount of brute force turns out to be insufficient, there’s three more war military bases in Saudi Arabia that can support the striking force.

These days the Islamic Republic of Iran warned Washington if the military operation against Syria is to take place, it will mean nothing but trouble for the United States. This was the original statement made by the Iranian General Massoud Jazayeri says Sky News with a special reference to the Iranian TV channel.

Who did laugh at the prospects of the World War III happening here and now? There’s nothing to laugh about anymore. The world is on a crash course and the reason for it is not the White House’s determination to protect its country. That’s the last idea Obama will ever come across. The world is on a crash course because of the greed and dirty games of the American elites.

The US Ministry of Defence is well prepared to strike on Syria if they’ve got a command from the President of the United States. The United States Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel during to his trip to Malaysia said: “Mister President turned to Pentagon for us to prepare all the possible scenarios. We’ve done this work and now we are prepared for everything”. In fact the United States have already been prepared “for everything” during the George Bush Junior presidency, and General Wessley Clark can prove it.

The NATO military operation in Syria can happen any day from now. That’s a decided matter. But it’s not about why does the West waged war on Iraq, triggered the “Arab spring”, arsoned Libya, set up revolution in Egypt and the list goes on and on. The problem is that they got stuck in this dirty game up to their neck and it’s too late to call it quits. Obama cannot say on the National Television: “We apologize for not calculating everything properly and now we are willing to pay for thousands and thousands of innocent people that died on our behalf.”

It’s not relevant anymore why it’s happening, it’s only relevant that we’re witnessing the Middle East fire spreading, and it can go far behind its borders.

Konstantin Penzev, a writer, historian and columnist, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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