19.02.2014 Author: Konstantin Penzev

USA – Organizer of International Terror Part 2

887Revolutionary terror

What do the terrorists want to achieve by means of violence and lawlessness? According to the online encyclopaedia Circumnavigation (Krugosvet), the terrorists are striving to achieve desired developments, i.e., revolutions, destabilization of society, war with a foreign country, independence of a territory, lowering the prestige of the current regime, political concessions from the government, etc.

Organized terrorism, as a rule, has a political character. Acts of terrorist violence can be made by various gangs. In reality, most of these gangs are funded, trained and armed by some other country’s special services, interested in the results of their actions.

The concept of “state terrorism” is no fiction, but a real practice applied by Washington. The 1987 Geneva Convention refers to acts of state terrorism, in particular, military manoeuvers and exercises that are held close to the borders of another state. All these actions threaten its independence and territorial integrity; this is a military attack, which represents a threat to the civilian population. They result in the creation and support of armed mercenary units. Moreover, all these acts aim at destroying the sovereignty of another state. This disinformation campaign is intended to destabilize other states, murder and assassination attempts on political leaders of other states, or the creation of national liberation movements directed by the state, regardless of whether they are carried out with the help of a military strike, special operations or hiring of agents, etc.

The United States was busy with all these things in Libya and it is now doing this in Syria.

Let us recall how the so-called “Arab Spring” began. It began with a coup in Tunisia. In the information offered by the Western mass media, the situation in Tunisia was as follows. Tunisian people rose up and went out to fight for democracy. The people were headed by the Muslim Brotherhood, which wanted democracy more than all the others. Mr. Obama’s Administration has supported the revolutionary people’s desire for freedom and, accordingly, supported the Muslim Brotherhood. Thus, it was evident that the Tunisian coup was politically supported by Washington. There was no information in the mass media about the sources of funding and arming of the revolutionaries. There was no information about some groups of militants cutting off the heads of reactionary elements.

Information about the severed heads, on the financing and arming of militants appeared during the events in Libya. Gaddafi decided to resist the Americans, and Washington, in addition to politically supporting the terrorists, began sabre-rattling. NATO then bombed Libya, killed civilians and armed the Islamist militants. NATO did everything possible to overthrow and murder Gaddafi.

The Libyan scenario was fully repeated in Syria, with only one difference. Being under the pressure of non-Western states, Obama abandoned his plans to bomb Syria. The unhappy American president looked so pathetic in St. Petersburg, in his loneliness – one wanted to give him a slingshot, so that he could at least shoot at Bashar Assad’s portrait.

Many observers have warned that the revolutionary Arab terrorist wave would reach Russia and Senator McCain directly told BBC: “I think that President Bashar Assad, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and some leaders of China became anxious. They saw that the people rose up in Libya, and we offered them help.” These words are not just some fantasy of a person suffering from trauma of Vietnamese captivity. These are the words of a U.S. senator and Obama’s main rival for the U.S. presidential election.

Today, the revolutionary terror arrived in Ukraine. Bandits commit outrages in the centre of Kiev, and there are reports of attempts to capture regional governments in Odessa, Donetsk, etc. The question is – who is the organizer of the Ukrainian Maidan Revolution?

The organizer of events in Ukraine is the Obama Administration and it is under control of European governments. They support politically, train and arm Ukrainian Nazi organizations, which can be called nothing but terrorist organizations.

Russian presidential advisor, Sergey Glazyev, in an interview with the newspaper Kommersant-Ukraine, said that the United States is spending $20 million a week to finance the Ukrainian opposition. He said the following: “The events that happened in Kiev were a coup attempt – the violent overthrow of the government… Not only Ukrainian, but also international law characterizes these actions as a coup… where, along with the civilians, professionally trained, armed storm troopers are involved… U.S. sources are spending $20 million a week for funding the opposition and the rebels, including supplying weapons. There is information that the militants are being trained and armed on the territory of the U.S. Embassy.”

On February 7, Artem Kozlov, one of the associates of the Ukrainian revolutionary leader Vitali “Boxer” Klitschko, tried to hijack a plane during a Kharkiv-Istanbul flight. Threatening to blow up the plane, Kozlov demanded to land in Sochi, in order to thus disrupt the opening of the 2014 Olympics. I would like to hear some comments on this from Victoria Nuland, mentor of Klitschko and the Maidan storm troopers, but it seems that except for using the word “fuck”, she has nothing else to say.

The masks have long been discarded. Obama’s administration is not even trying to hide its direct involvement in the preparation of a mutiny in Ukraine. Organization of revolutions, rebellions and civil wars is a favourite tactic of the so-called “Atlanticist” political centre, which is now running Washington. Meanwhile, the U.S. and British police hammer into the asphalt with rubber truncheons and democratize with plastic bullets and tear gas their own freedom fighters.

Let us believe that Mr. Obama’s opponent in the election, Senator McCain only voices the political plans of the current U.S. administration. What does the destiny have in store for the world, if the rebels in Ukraine seize power? The next actions of Obama are as follows. First, his administration will try to organize a political coup in Moscow and thus take control of one of the key geopolitical positions in the world, and then, they will destroy Syria, Iran, and reach China. The world will come under their complete control. At that moment, the drone-robocops will be used, total surveillance and mass wiretapping will occur.

A New Era is a-waiting.

Do you think that democracy, wealth and prosperity await you? Alas, there will be rampant drug abuse, childbirth refusal, police batons and a standard of living that will allow just keeping the body and soul together. There will be no general health care, pensions and education any longer, all these are too expensive and reduce the income of big companies. Nothing personal, this is just big business, the most important preoccupation is to reduce spending on labour and social needs.

(To be continued)

Konstantin Penzev historian, columnist for the New Eastern Outlook online magazine. 

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