04.03.2014 Author: Valery Kulikov

American “Casus belli”

51637-1uMany countries have noted how easily the White House overthrows legitimate governments using “color” and “Arab Revolutions” organized by it, or threats of military force, as it is the case with Syria, in order to achieve its imperial ambitions to rule the world.

Yesterday it was the Middle East and North Africa, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Today, this technology is being perfected by Washington in Ukraine.

At the same time, a coup against Erdogan is being prepared in Turkey. An obvious reason for this was the accusations of “subversion” and ties with the opposition, put forward to U.S. Ambassador Francis Ricciardone by the Turkish Prime Minister recently. As a result, Turkey was called “a threat to the United States” in a recent publication in The New York Times, and the policy of Erdogan is qualified as “bringing a political catastrophe”.

The White House has also recently heated artificially the political situation in Algeria, hoping to bring to power its puppets in this country.

However, let us get back to Ukraine.

After a failure to achieve expected results for world domination after a series of “revolutions”, in recent weeks, the White House urgently proceeded to the implementation of the second part of Bzhezinski’s plan for the USSR’s collapse, i.e., tearing Ukraine away from Russia.

Washington actively engaged numerous hidden springs in this “process”. They are careful nursing Ukrainian opposition activists in the U.S. and Western Europe, granting some of them with European and American citizenship as a “reward”. According to the scheme of shattering the political systems, already proven by the White House in Egypt, Syria and other countries, according to Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, $5 billion was spent on financing the movement opposing the Ukrainian government, which had been officially recognized as legitimate by Washington previously. Demonstrating an undisguised interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, numerous “support groups” represented by the U.S. Senator McCain and some other politicians from the U.S. and Western Europe were sent to Maidan in Kiev.

To boost the opposition movement, western intelligence agencies were quite fast in sending flows of militants from the Middle East and members of European nationalist gangs to Maidan in Kiev. After all, since there is less “work” for them in the Middle East and in countries of the “Arab Revolution” now, they must be occupied in something, otherwise they may realize their zeal and the experience of extremist activity in Western Europe or the USA, and this is not a very desirable option for Washington “strategists”!

As a result of the American “export of democracy”, not only alien “revolutionaries”, but also fascist elements from Western Ukraine, accomplices of terrorists represented by D. Yarosh spread their wings and stood “at the ready” to execute orders from Washington, terrorizing law-abiding and Russian-speaking population of Ukraine with weapons in hand. When the population of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and some eastern regions decided to put an end to this bacchanal inspired by the West, taking state agencies, the main administrative and industrial facilities in their region under their control, and in addition asking Russian President Vladimir Putin to protect them and millions of Russian citizens, who have lived in the Ukrainian land for centuries, these actions resulted in a sharp reaction of the White House, and even a warning: Don’t you dare!

The surprising thing is that as soon as any state goes to protect its citizens from lawlessness of the Americans, Washington starts wagging its finger angrily. Thus, the White House violates the canons of the international law with impunity under the slogan of “the protection of American citizens”.

There are many examples of this. Here are just some of them.

Grenada, 1983.

As a result of a military coup in Grenada, the left radical New JEWEL Movement came to power in the country in 1979. On October 25, 1983, under the pretext of protecting 630 American medical students, and the “request” of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States initiated by the White House itself, U.S. President Ronald Reagan ordered a military operation under the code name of “Urgent Fury”, in which nearly 8,000 U.S. military took part. The government of Grenada was overthrown as a result of combat actions of the U.S.A. The operation cost U.S. taxpayers nearly $200 million, an amount of $110 million was paid as compensation for the damage done to the island during the invasion.

Libya, 1986.

April 15, 1986, U.S. warplanes bombed five targets near the Libyan cities of Tripoli and Benghazi by order of President Ronald Reagan. As a result of this operation, 60 tons of bombs were dropped; they damaged civil and diplomatic facilities (in particular, the building of the French Embassy in Tripoli). The operation was conducted as “an act of revenge for the deaths of American citizens at the hands of Libyan terrorists” during a terrorist attack on an American aircraft of Trans World Airlines (April 2, flight Athens – Rome, four Americans were killed) and the explosion at a night discotheque “La Belle” in West Berlin (April 5, two American citizen were killed, 229 people were injured).

Panama, 1989.

In the second half of the 1980s, in response to the Government of Panama’s policies, independent of the U.S.A., and strengthening its relations with the countries of South and Central America, the White House attempted to organize a government coup that ended in a failure. As a result, in December 1989, U.S. President George Bush Senior ordered a military operation called “Just Cause” aimed at a forceful change of the regime in this country, which involved 25,000 American soldiers. As its main justification, Washington called “the protection of American troops guarding the Panama Canal, as well as the protection of democracy and human rights in Panama”. During this military operation, the U.S. Army carried out air and artillery strikes on city blocks that resulted in destruction of civilian infrastructure, the damage to the economy of Panama was about $1 billion. This operation cost U.S. taxpayers $163 million.

Afghanistan and Sudan, 1998.

After explosions at U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya on August 7, 1998 that killed 224 people (including 12 Americans) and wounded 5,000 people, U.S. President Bill Clinton ordered carrying out missile strikes on several training camps of the Al Qaeda militants in Afghanistan.

At the same time, the U.S. fired missiles at the pharmaceutical factory An-Shifa in Sudan, which, according to the White House, was used to produce chemical weapons. However, according to Werner Daum, German Ambassador to Sudan, this factory was the only source of drugs in the country, and its destruction led to tens of thousands of deaths among civilians.

Iraq – Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003

Under the pretext of the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (which were never been found!), fabricated by Washington, and a hypothetical connection of Saddam Hussein’s regime with Al-Qaeda, the United States together with Britain started a military campaign against Iraq on March 20, 2003, without authority from the UN Security Council, and on April 9, American troops occupied Baghdad. Washington called “violations of democracy” and repression of Iraqi authorities towards their citizens as additional justification.

About 4,500 American soldiers were killed and more than 32,000 were wounded, and 1.5 million civilians were injured during the Iraq war. Currently, Iraq remains the main source of instability in the Middle East.

Libya – Operation Odyssey Dawn, 2011

As a result of the “soft power” campaign organized by the White House with the aim of the international condemnation of Gaddafi’s regime, five U.S. bombers dropped bombs on nearly a hundred targets in Libya in March 2011. In October 2011, the rebels (presumably assisted by the Americans) tracked down the Libyan dictator, took him prisoner and shot him, without a trial, after subjecting him to torture.

This operation alone cost U.S. taxpayers $1.1 billion.

Southern Sudan, 2013

November 17, U.S. forces conducted a military operation in Somali territorial waters to liberate Richard Phillips, Captain of the containership Maersk Alabama, which was called a “model” operation by American public media. A month later, President Barack Obama ordered sending 45 U.S. soldiers to this country to “protect American citizens”.

Thus, it is the White House and some U.S. presidents who ignored international norms and changed, and continue to change now, unwanted regimes by force of arms, and not Moscow, that we should wag our fingers at for the unauthorized sending of troops abroad.

As for Ukraine, in response to Mr. Obama’s “concern” about the plans of the possible of use of Russian armed forces in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin drew his attention to the provocative criminal acts of ultranationalist elements that, in fact, were encouraged by the present authorities in Kiev, and focused on a real threat to the life of Russians in the territory of Ukraine.

Putin stressed that in the event of the further spread of violence in eastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea, Russia reserves the right to protect its interests and Russian speaking population living there.

Valery Kulikov, political analyst, exclusively for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook.

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