02.02.2015 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Mobilization or depopulation of Ukrainian Reich?

5645633I have to admit that I love to watch interviews with George Soros. He always talks in such a balanced and reasonable way about his theories related to the ‘open society’. While at the same time, during Maidan in Kiev, followers of the so-called ‘civil liberties’ are running with axes.

Soros says, in one of his interviews, that he actually sends money for his foundation because he wants to create a situation in which citizens of that State will be somewhat independent. The way in which the citizens ‘understand’ democracy, according to what he says, he does not care so much and he leaves it to them. The foundations and groups simply use the money in their own way as they understand ‘independence from the state and the ‘civil democracy’.

Ukraine understands democracy and civil society in rather unique way. Currently focusing mainly on the bombing of civilians in Donetsk and sending more and more new recruits to, more or less certain, death on the Eastern Ukraine. And all of this in the name of democracy and free society as claim Ukrainian chocolate Sultan.

Why, more or less certain death? Because these young people have got smaller and smaller chances of winning with the so-called separatists who are becoming more experience in war.

This time, mobilization will reach 50,000 new people. And throughout the year 2015, 200,000 people. For me, the most interesting fact is that Ukrainians still trust Czekoladashenko and agree with what this man proposes. Man belonging to the caste of 0.0001%. The war in Ukraine, in addition to the military, have also a symbolic character. Mark Sleboda in his article writes about the fact that the New Russia is doomed to failure:

The ONLY hope for NovoRossiya to ever become a real “independent” rump-state protectorate of Russia (like Ossetia, Abkhazia, Transnistria) is from stupidly escalated and protracted military attempts from Kiev to subjugate Donbass, directed and armed by the West. But even then, after what has been going on for last half a year, it is almost impossible to imagine the level of bloodshed and carnage that would be necessary to push the Kremlin past the threshold on that score. So, no, not much hope for the people of “NovoRossiya” at all. Stillborn and still dying…

I do not agree with it completely, because it is not only a question of New Russia geopolitical context. We have a situation in which NATO, Soros, Poroshenko and others of caste 0.0001% of the so-called ‘global democrats’ want, at any price, to carry out in Ukraine and especially in Russia an operation called ‘democracy and European values’. Focusing primarily on the use and fuelling Ukrainian nationalism and uninformed Ukrainians which they send to death. Taking advantage of their naive faith of the mythical, free Ukraine, myth created by Stephan Bandera. Although there is one other possibility. Perhaps Poroshenko in eastern Ukraine protects himself against a possible overthrow by his dissatisfied army. According to the article on page Fortruss:

It seems like the leadership of UAF (I think thanks to Poroshenko) is ridding their ranks from the ballast, which is long overdue, and which sooner or later would turn the weapons against the government. And this is a very convenient moment in time. And most importantly there is no need to explain the losses. For the state of Ukraine these are all unaccountable losses [tr. – since volunteer battalions are not part of UAF]. Certainly in these battles ordinary soldiers/conscripts are killed (because there is no other way). But as reported from the ground, the bulk of it are volunteers of all stripes.

The reason is simple. In the event of a peaceful end of the conflict volunteers become unnecessary and even dangerous. Therefore, they try to start a war in Donbass at any cost (which hasn’t had a chance to end). And they die (by the way, it suits both sides).

Perhaps soon a little perverted dream of ‘world democrats’ about ‘civil society’ finally comes true. Though perhaps in a way which they probably not expected.

As I wrote earlier the war on the Eastern Ukraine is now mainly symbolic. It’s a war against 0.0001% ‘global democrats’ as Czekoladashenko, Soros, Chodorkowsky and other not democratically elected people who sit in top positions in the corporation named ‘EU’. The more ‘global democracy’ of 0.0001% will be attacking New Russia with bombs, the bigger support will be for New Russia from the remaining 99% of people around the world. By fighting in the New Russia, people around the world cheer on those who opposed to unelected oligarchs like Czekoladashenko, who is just a stooge of the USA. He is not only a rich guy who brings death to his own people and people of Donetsk. He is a symbol of our time where the richest 1% has 50 percent of the wealth on this planet and they do not stop on this. They bring ‘democracies’ to the countries in which State still puts people over capital.

Ukrainians who fight on the front with the so-called ‘Russian invasion’ often say that for them Poland is the model of transformation to which they bound for now. As in the case of Ukraine, so in the case of Poland, George Soros sponsored subversive movements like Solidarity movement. Maybe the Ukrainian dream about following the Polish trail would be very beautiful if not this short film that says the truth about this transformation process. p>

Through the emerging channels, independent journalists who report about the mass killing of civilians in Donetsk by the Ukrainian Reich, more and more people take the side of the New Russia. More and more people around the world identify with the insurgents. Standing on the side of those who dared to stand on the side of their families and the so-called ‘Russian world’. This or another world, very not matching to this ‘democracy’ and ‘European values’ which, using hands of the Ukrainian conscripts and Bandera Freikorps tries to install caste of 0.0001%. Because it means only illusory about the so-called ‘Russian world’. Russian world can be any world that does not fit the image of ‘the world’s democrats’. This time it is Ukraine, as a strategic goal of the United States on the way to the main purpose – Russia.

This resistance of New Russia shows people that you can win, you can fight, you can be stronger. It’s the same resistance like this in Palestine. This resistance, after all, led that Palestine in the international arena is becoming increasingly recognized as a state. The war in Ukraine is in fact a war for global awareness. It’s a war for the same ‘possibility’ of resistance, opposition and defending your world. ‘Russian world’, ‘Palestine world’ or any other ‘World’. It’s a battle for the same ‘opportunity’ to be different than someone considered to be ‘appropriate’. It is a war about the possibility of life in your own way. That is why more people from the caste of 99%, through independent journalists, will support the New Russia.

This conflict causes global consolidation of ‘awareness of resistance’. I don’t think that plans to introduce EU television (to fight the ‘Putin propaganda) aimed at Russian-language receiver will change much here. Because people are less likely to believe in the official narrative of the West and their governments, trusting now more an independent media which shows a very different picture than what is promoted by the corporate media.

The more New Russia is attacked, the more people around the world will work together to help each other, the more they will come to know, spreading the truth about the pacification of Donbass by Czekoladashenko and Bandera Freikorps. What creates the actual, globalized society and consciousness, of which caste of 0.0001% dreams about.

This community through the Internet can affect the mass consciousness and world events. Without being subordinate to any State or capital lobby, etc. If this is the kind of democracy and civil society that George Soros and Czekoladzashenko dream about. I guess they are successful. Although they managed it by mistake and probably they saw themselves in different roles. Czekoladashenko creating a new mobilization and sending new Ukrainians to the front only accelerates and enhances the growth of global awareness of resistance. Here works the same mechanism as in the case of rising support for Putin after imposed sanctions on Russia. An example of this process is the quote from Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kotsaby and captured Ukrainian soldier:

I call on all normal people to refuse the mobilization. If they want to go as volunteers, let God judge them, it’s their responsibility. But I know that one day this war will come to an end and they ought to know that the volunteers will be made to bear responsibility for everything,” said the journalist.

It’s impossible for people to kill one another simply because they want to live separately. There are no regular Russian army units in the Donbass, there are only the local guys whom they call the ‘levy’, or ‘separatists’, while they call us ‘dills’ [‘ukropy’]. All of this back and forth around the Donetsk airport is a massive cosmic injustice. Right now the best young guys are killing other best young guys. I am a frontline journalist and I know what I’m talking about. All the while these f*****s are sitting at HQs and in the Verkhovna Rada, which is a major injustice”

Captured Ukrainian soldier is speaking about failed attack of Ukrainian army at Donetsk Airport:

They said our troops were in the terminal and we have to evacuate our wounded, we went there to evacuate the wounded, but appeared that there were no wounded at all and we were sent on the offensive. If we only knew were going on the offensive, cause we refused to attack many times. When we were told where we were going that we were going on the offensive nobody went. And here they actually went – a company was said there would be no offensive they only had to evacuate the wounded.

They simply suckered us. I will never serve them in my life. I wish they’d jailed me right away for refusing to carry out their orders rather than actually serving them.

I know that Czekoladashenko cannot be responsible for all war crimes commit by army because part of the volunteer battalions refused to obey Kyiv ‘acting’ on their own. It seems that the Ukrainian Reich in addition to Nazi symbols much more approached the third Reich. I mean similar methods of war: send unconscious soldiers on the front. Now Czekoladashenko mobilizes 200,000 new Ukrainians for 2015 year. What will be next before he create Roshenjugend? I guess nothing because US and other oligarchs probably will overthrown him very soon as an expression of dissatisfaction with his not enough efficient ATO operation.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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