06.03.2015 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Ukraine: Do really believe that ISIS was cruel? Please stop joking

UThe most famous method was the so-called gloves, that is, cutting right before elbows and pull the skin down to the fingers of still alive Poles, and then drying and wearing in the honour of “Samostojnej Ukraine”. The more crimes a given UPA ‘hero’ committed, the more glory enjoyed among commanders.

When I watch the news from Ukraine, I feel as if I was watching Nature Channel on Discovery. The camera finds primitive people in the jungle and presenter describes us, seating in front of TV, their strange and barbaric rituals. We see that the primitive people just learn to establish their culture. Human sacrifice, rape, exploitation of the weakest and most cruel barbarity are the order of the day. In addition, they worship the richest people in the tribe, who they call ‘oligarchs’.

It reminds me one history from India where people worship a floating stone as a miracle. While insiders know that it is a plain pumice. Sometimes, I feel that we are dealing with the evolution of new civilization that in the twenty-first century, after the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind, that is, Holocaust praises the participants of this tragedy, calling them ‘heroes’.

This alleged ignorance about what the SS Galicia OUN-UPA did and what is now doing volunteer battalions in the east of Ukraine is a fiction. Following statement of Svoboda, Right Sector, I am sure that they know exactly what they are doing. For them, however, each murder carried out on the so-called ‘enemies’ of Ukraine is justified. It is clear.

At the first congress, the OUN (Vienna – Prague, 1929-1930) established “Decalogue” of Ukrainian nationalist. The seventh commandment was, “Do not hesitate to perform the biggest crime, if it will require a good cause”, and the eighth: “you will welcome the enemies of your nation with hatred and deceit “

Each prospective candidate of the UPA had to first murder someone, for example, “a lach”. In a mixed Polish-Ukrainian marriage kill the mother Pole or father Pole, or someone designated, for example, a child, in order to be allowed to take an oath and become a member of the UPA.

When it comes to Ukraine, nothing may surprise me anymore. When one of the heads of the SBU intelligence is Yuri Michalczyszyn, who said about Holocaust.

Historical conditions is sometimes so extremely complicated that they (the Jews) after all were experienced by fate. There were periods in the history of Europe particularly light. We have complete knowledge about them. And these bright periods give a lot of heat for the soul of the Palestinian people. They do not forget about them and respond to them positively. On the bright periods. Definitely, they recall with great enthusiasm these fragments of history. They hope that not everything is lost.

Light periods – Holocaust

This sentence was express by one of the surviving Jews in a documentary film about the Holocaust. This is not Himmler, Heydrich, Hitler, who threw us into mass graves and shot in back of the head. They were German shopkeepers, the unemployed, shoemakers who got SS uniforms.

For example, members of the National Assembly-Ukrainian Self-Defence (UNA-UNSO), wear uniforms similar to those of the Nazi Waffen-SS.

Barbaric tribe ‘Bandersztat’ runs now at night with torches around Kiev, openly worshiping their idols Dirliwanger, SS Galicia or even Hitler himself, etc. However, when we look deeper into the program of the party Svoboda, we won’t be longer surprised.

Svoboda Party wants to impose a mandatory category, that is, the category of “Nationality”. It is to be found in the Ukrainian passports, in order to facilitate the identification of Russians and Jews. Svoboda wants to extend the right to possess firearms for all (except the mentally ill), and introduce a provision in the Constitution of Ukraine, to the effect that the current government is the rightful heir to the Ukrainian state, which was established by an act of 30 June 1941, in which it was claimed that:

The new Ukrainian government will work closely with the NSDAP, which under the leadership of Adolf Hitler creates a new order in Europe and supports the Ukrainian people to get rid of their occupants from Moscow …”

As you can see, ‘Bandersztad’ tribe knows its origins, knows how it was established and gives us to understand it very clearly.

It would seem that the Ukrainians have quite short memory and do not remember or do not know what Shukhevych and Bandera did. It is very naive thinking.

In a speech by Andrij Libicz, representing the so-called ‘Free nationalists “, in the Great Bridges in the Lviv district on January 1, 2012, celebrating the 103 birthday of Stepan Bandera said that:

“… The leader was not a tolerant and democratic! Real Bandera not played in empty words! Wore a pistol in his belt, a pocket knife and leaflets with an appeal to slaughter some occupying pig …”

“…Our idea is so pure and beautiful that for its implementation all methods are acceptable “…” you are starving because you live in a democracy. We do not need democracy, or rather “judeandemocracy” … “Any talk with socialist castrate, Bandera ended very quickly – a bullet between the eyes ……” We need the power of nationalists, who will lead the order with a firm hand. You can change everything themselves – but not by voting! Spit at the politicians – opportunists! Your fate is in your hands, and everything can change in the street …. “

List (incomplete) of the UPA ‘heroic’ acts during the Second World War. If you are sensitive, please do not read this! If you think the Nazis, the NKVD, or ISIS were cruel, this list can change your view in this matter.

  • Nailing a big thick nail into the skull.
  • Scalping (tearing away of skin and hair from the head).
  • Hitting the skull with the handle of an axe.
  • Carving out an “eagle” on the forehead.
  • Nailing a bayonet into the temple of a victim.
  • Spearing a child with a stake.
  • Transfixing the head with a sharpened thick wire stretched from one ear to another.
  • Slitting the throat and pulling out the tongue through the wound.
  • Tearing off the mouth from ear to ear.
  • Stuffing the mouth with tow while transporting still alive victims.
  • Rotating the head 180 degrees backwards.
  • Crushing the head, gripped in a vice, tightening the clamps around it.
  • Inflicting stab wounds to the head.
  • Slicing off narrow strips of skin from the back.
  • Hanging a male child by his genitalia from a door handle.
  • Chopping off both arms with an axe.
  • Piercing pregnant woman’s belly with a bayonet.
  • Slitting the belly, putting stones inside of it and throwing the victim into the river.
  • Slitting the belly of a pregnant woman, filling it up with broken glass shards.
  • Fracturing hand bones with a blunt instrument at multiple points.
  • Fracturing leg bones with a blunt instrument at multiple points.
  • Pulling out the sinews from groin to heels.
  • Slitting the belly, filling it with animal feed, exposing a victim to starving pigs which eat the feed along with victim’s intestines.
  • Sawing a torso, restrained by planks, half-and-half with a carpenter saw.
  • Nailing the victim’s hands and feet to the cross in a Catholic church.
  • Striking the back of a head with an axe, victims put lying on the ground.
  • Quartering of the whole body with an axe
  • Breaking bones of lower and upper extremities with a specially invented device.
  • Nailing a small child’s tongue to a table, so that the child is hanged up by the tongue.
  • Quartering a child with a knife, throwing the body parts all around.
  • Throwing a live child into a deep well.
  • Smashing babies’ heads by dashing them, held by the feet, against a wall or a furnace.
  • Hanging a monk up by his feet at the pulpit in a Catholic church.
  • Throwing a victim into a lighted bonfire, while girls are dancing around and singing songs accompanied by live music from an accordionist.
  • Burying a victim in the ground up to the neck and leaving them in such position.
  • Сonstriction of several victims together with barbed wire.
  • Tying up a woman with feet and hands to two trees, slitting her from groin to breast.
  • Transfixing a body with a carbine barrel.
  • Setting aflame a victim doused with flammable liquid.
  • Laying round a victim sheaves of straw, setting him or her aflame—so-called “Nero’s torch”.
  • Jabbing a knife into a victim’s back, leaving it inside the wound.
  • Sticking a baby on a pitchfork and throwing it into the bonfire.

And the list goes on. On July, 11 and 12, 1943, the Ukrainian armed gangs of OUN-UPA attacked Polish villages in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia. The SS Galicia took also part in the murders.

Romuald Wernik, the author of many books on the Borderlands, living since 1948 in London. His family was victim of criminal from OUN-UPA said:

I had a cousin of my mother, who was married to a Ukrainian. To get into the UPA, the Ukrainian had to murder his Polish wife and their children, if they were small or did not want to go to the UPA. Therefore, the Ukrainian with his sons hacked to death children with a mother and a wife with axes. There are hundreds of such accidents documented. It was a descent into the biggest swamp. You cannot even imagine.

The murderers were fellow citizens and neighbours, often by whole generations remaining on good relations, and not the occupiers and strangers.

Biological annihilation of the Polish population was accompanied by the destruction of traces of her presence.

At that time, the heroes from OUN and the UPA were mainly using the household appliance. Now their heirs, Svoboda, Right Sector and volunteer battalions have military equipment from NATO, Poland and the money from the Ukrainian oligarchs. In addition, they have newly established law, talking about the possibility of shooting to those who do not want to serve Kiev junta planted by neo-Nazis or supporters of the UPA. Although, they shoot to deserters – I wrote an article about it about three months ago.

It is a similar situation to that of the Second World War, where the UPA murdered not only Poles, but also Ukrainians who did not want to take part in the extermination of Poles. Now the victims are ‘subhumans’ of New Russia.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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