06.07.2015 Author: Konrad Stachnio

New Technologies for Those Who Live to See Them

5453453545345In one interview with Sergei Glaziev, President Putin’s advisor, said that we are now dealing with the transition from one economic system to another.

The new system is humanitarian in nature and thus could avoid a war because the main carriers of growth on this wavelength are humanitarian technologies. These include health care and pharmaceutical industries which are based in biotechnology. They also include communication technologies based on nanotechnology which is making a breakthrough today. And they involve cognitive technologies that define a new sum of human knowledge. If, as President Putin has been consistently putting forward, we were able to agree to a mutual program for development, a general development zone with a preferential trade regime from Lisbon to Vladivostok, if we were to agree with Brussels to create a common economic space, a common area of development, we could find a sufficient number of breakthrough projects, from health to repelling space threats, to fulfill our scientific and technical potential and creating a steady demand from the state which would give a boost to the new technological system.

Then Glaziev continues to say:

The economic structure that has been driving economic growth for the last 30 years has exhausted itself. We need to make a transition to a new system of technologies. This kind of transition, unfortunately, has always come about through war. That’s how it was in the ’30s when the Great Depression gave way to an arms race and then the Second War World War. That’s how it was during the Cold War when an arms race in space gave rise to complex information and communication technologies which became the basis of a technological structure that has been driving the world’s economy for the last 30 years. Today we are faced with a similar crisis.

Glaziev argues that the new system is humanitarian in nature based in bio-technology, pharmaceutical nanotechnology, cognitive technologies etc.

I also think that this system is very humanitarian, but only for those who survive its full implementation as well as those citizens who will belong to the privileged group which will operate these technologies.

During the recent interview with a co-founder of the Polish Party of transhumanism, to the question of what happens to the people in this new technological era, my interlocutor said.

Well, some time ago there were done the research studies the results of which show that most of us will have to change careers three times in our lifetime. Currently, it is estimated that within our life we will have to change our jobs eight times. Most people will have to find another job.

The question is: what job? As once Paul Craig Roberts said: It’s never been a situation where there is no basis for employment, but it is creates a base for the explosion of prices by reprinting currency very quickly when the demand for it falls. Fuel to the fire for those less familiar with the technologies and unfair to the caste of specialists pouring Greg Mannarino of Traders Choice Awards.

a population boom has risen in tandem with the debt. It’s incredible.

So, when the debt bubble bursts we’re going to get a correction in population. It’s a mathematical certainty…

Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book “Between two ages,” wrote about the techniques used to enter “a new united world” in which we live today. Such a society will be controlled by the elite devoid of any traditional ethical restrictions. Such elites do not hesitate to use the latest technology for their own purposes to influence people’s opinions and keep the society under constant control.

Preparing for a new technological era

To prepare the ground for the coming of this new technological era we are now faced with the depopulation of the Baltic States, with the indirect depopulation of the Middle East by sponsoring ISIS as well as the destabilization of the region, where any sane person does not want to live anymore. We finally also deal with the depopulation of Europe through the economic crisis and by promoting soft depopulation trends. A good example is even a Eurovision star: a bearded woman. It all seems to be a harbinger of transition into a new economic era Europe seems to be preparing for. Judging by the pace of development, Europe already adapts to this demographic scenario in which 2050 population of our continent is supposed to be only 5% of the world population, but it will be the population of the old and unable to compete. The current debt crisis apparently degrades and marginalizes Europe’s position in the world ranking.

Observing the current economic system, the question arises how to sell even more to the consumers who earn less and less? In order to thrive, the system must continuously improve its trading opportunities, which means that it must raise the level of production consequently lowering the number of workers which eventually leads to an increase in the number of the unemployed or the so-called redundant – those who cannot afford to purchase items created by the system which in order to survive, needs to sell more and more. Is there a way out of this entanglement ? – yes: war, the destabilization of Europe and Asia, and gradual removal of the redundant for whom there would be no place in the new technological era anyway. At least the Anglo-American elite has adopted such a scenario.

Igor Berkut, the leader of the party “United Ukraine”, describes the foundation of this new technological system well. Although he mentions ordinary oligarchy system, however, considering who is arming Ukraine, we can easily get some insight into what this new technology era will look like in the hands of the US and Ukraine – said on 19th July 2011, two years before Maidan.

Today, our country belongs to a small circle of people, billionaires and multimillionaires, where they all are in power , control the government or are part of it, and have no relation to the nation. Starting from the fact that if we take the 1987 Constitution of the Ukrainian Soviet Union, in our constitution there is nothing like that. For what reason, should the holders of our country take care of the social commitment of millions of people who neither give them profit, protection nor a source of pleasure for them? Who lives badly today? – all those who could not sign up to the service of the owners of the state. All those who deal with handling these owners now live well and do not complain, moreover, strongly defend the existing order.

It is easy to find out who will be the beneficiary of a new technological system – it will be a narrow group of specialists that support this technology system which is in the hands of elites. Anyway, as it happens now: biotechnology specialists, programmers etc. Others seem to be redundant in this new system, or as my interlocutor from the Polish Party of Transhumanism said: Other people will have to find a new job.

What kind of job? It is hard to say when the new jobs are not being created – as the residents of the ‘democratic’ island – the USA – start to experience themselves. In other words, the development of technology has created the conditions in which a large number of people is slowly becoming redundant, which leads to a gradual depopulation and the transition to another economic model. Consequently, this leads to a decline of consumption of raw material resources which we will apparently run out of soon if we consume them at the current pace.

A talk with the member of the Club of Rome, prof. Dennis Meadows, the author of the report: “The Limits to Growth”is a meaningful example of this policy. The interview with the ideologist of the NWO was printed in the magazine “Culture” in 1975.

AB: How do you envisage a drastic inhibition of reproduction?

DLM: State in a socialist system has in this case special opportunities. Administrative and social apparatus can create the conditions to combat excessive population growth.

AB: Does not seem to you that every family may want to have children someday and have a right to?

D. L. M .: Absurd.

AB: I do not think we could completely disregard tradition and biology.

D. L. M .: It’s easy to change it.

The Country made by Nazis: USSA

To mention all the Nazis who after the second world worked for NASA or CIA, I would have to write a book, not an article. For further information, see the Operation Paperclip. I will mention at least a few ones: the SS-Hauptsturmführer Otto Von Bolschwing, a close collaborator of Adolf Eichmann, the chief author of the plan to exterminate the Jews. Hauptsturmführer after the war worked in the US for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Sturmbannführer Wernher von Braun, in turn was one of the pioneers of NASA and the American hero. Then Reichsgesundheitsführer Kurt Blome during World War II conducted research on bacteriological weapons and killed the prisoners of Auschwitz-Birkenau using sarin gas and since 1951 he worked for the Army Chemical Corps on biological and chemical weapons in the United States. These are just three of the many, many, many names of the Nazis working for the USSA.

Thus the massive depopulation in Ukraine in my opinion is not coincidental. It is hard to believe that sending untrained recruits who cannot fight to the front has a different purpose than to get rid of the excess of citizens who could oppose the new managers of Ukraine, namely the United States.

Yet, many people do not believe, or are simply surprised that the US finances and trains the neo-Nazis in Ukraine. For me, this is nothing new. Supporting the Nazis is still the national tradition of the US on which they built their power. Why were they to change such an efficient strategy?

After all, this whole humanitarian technology on which the new technology era will be based (Glaziev says) had its beginning in concentration camps where experiments were carried out on people, the experiments of which degenerative aspect it is even hard to talk and finally leading to the current pharmaceutical industry, plastic surgery, transplantation, biotechnology, robotics, etc. After the war, the same people who with their bare hands in concentration camps were killing defenceless children as Reichsgesundheitsführer Kurt Blome continued these studies in their cosy offices working for the US government.

Humanitarian technology

Now, with the soaring development of technology we have risen to a much higher level. If, in accordance with what dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski says new technologies will be controlled by the so-called elite then new technologies can be euphemistically saying hardly humanitarian. Unless we consider injecting starved to death children king-crab blood to be humanitarian, mercury the so-called ‘blood of the gods’ as future ‘specialists’ working after the war for the CIA, did in concentration camps.

To reflect the merits of the case, I will use a quote from the article of Bill Joy, the co-founder and chief scientist of Sun Microsystems, a former advisor to the presidential committee on the future of IT research.

Robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology – pose a different threat than the technologies that have come before. In particular, robots, genetic engineering and nanobots have a huge danger factor: these technologies can replicate themselves. The bomb is lined up in the air only once – but a nanobot can replicate and quickly get out of control.

I think it is no exaggeration to say that we are at a turning point in the continuing development of extreme evil, the evil whose possibility of spreading far beyond the weapons of mass destruction tested by nation-states, tragically empowering the extremists.

In the context of Joya statements about the new technologies it is worth noting that only one month after the first, successful test, two atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As it was later put by a physicist Freeman Dyson: The bomb was dropped simply because nobody had the courage or the foresight to say no. I think that this example clearly reflects the scale of ‘humanitarianism’ of this new technology if it continues to be under the control of the so called US elites.

Taking the above into account, it may turn out that we shall not live in the era of humanitarian technology, but in the era of technological National Socialism which is increasingly spreading at least in the US. In the end I will quote the words of one of my favorite quotes by Alain de Benoist.

The sole purpose of Facebook is to provide the police with the information about us on the scale past totalitarian systems could not have even dreamt of.

I believe that technology is not neutral and is guided by its own logic. We do not watch television, but television watches us. We do not use technology, but we are exploited by it.

So, my dear friend if you still have not found any job for a long time, it does not necessarily mean that something is wrong with you. Perhaps, as it was suggested by Dr. Brzezinski, someone has already determined that you are expendable and there is no place for you in the new society of professionals serving the latest technologies which are in the hands of the so-called elites.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of Prison Planet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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