02.10.2015 Author: Phil Butler

Before Putin’s UN Revelation, Light Neocons Stab and Snarl

785633333America is blessed in so many ways.  Why look at our Council on Foreign Relations as one shining example. The think tank so well endowed with brilliant diplomats and policy wonder boys is clearly the nucleus from whence US policy emanates. Case in point September 24th, a headline by fellow Stephen Cook that reads simply; “Syria: Let Putin Bleed.”

Oh my, we really have fallen this far!

Refugees  streaming  into Europe  by  the  tens  of  thousands,  American servicemen  and  women  deployed  far  and  wide  in harm’s way, and taxpayer billions flowing like water into the pockets of the military industrial complex, these tragedies are no surprise now. Think tank conjurers stirring a brew for war in Washington, why this is no news either. However commonplace the propaganda gets though, I never expected even mad doctors of Middle East policy to condone or recommend, blood should flow so freely as today. I never expected even a former Brookings Institute fellow, and a PhD doctor of disaster like Stephen Cook, to wish onto us all unlimited war. Reading his latest post on the CFR blog “From the Potomac to the Euphrates” I worry even more that Syria may well be, the mechanism of our demise.

Alas, most of your reading this will either decide to read on to cure your own disbelief, or else you’ll have already have had your fill of corporate academia. For the latter, I sympathize, because scarcely a day goes by I don’t threaten to unplug and go on vacation over it all. But with Vladimir Putin set to confront these maniacs before the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, idiotic speak of bleeding and killing is irresponsible, and needs condemnation. “Let Putin Bleed?” Holy God, we are in huge trouble if anybody unleashes such psychopaths on the world. Read this past quote from a key member of the Washington elite’s brain trust on the Middle East, it will scare the hell out of you:

“Even as that big, creepy, crying bear was being pushed around the closing ceremony of the Sochi Olympics and I was being told that the Russians were full of bluster and not much else, they were gassing up the tanks.”

Wow. 143,000,000 people and more, adored that Sochi bear spectacle, but America’s “go to” policy academics, they no longer dream of world peace and children’s dreamy teddy bears, only creepy neurosis and Armageddon? Wow again. Are you with me on this?  I know when you read the piece you’ll be as exasperated. My question is, “Where does such hatred come from?” Are these people simply paid stooges, or do they grown up and go to college half a lifetime just to develop demonic and exceptional lack of foresight? Better still, who in the hell puts them in the limelight, and why? The answers to these questions are less important than what we intend to do about them. For the record, let me recap for you how we really got into this mess.

The last two administrations in Washington have spied on most of the world’s leaders, and half the civilian population! They’ve held without trial and tortured human beings without any due course! And, our armed forces have killed either or displaced tens of millions of people in a questionable war on a mystical terror organization that changes names and countries like the AIDs virus alters its cellular makeup! Finally, miraculously, unbelievably,  and oh so conveniently, it’s all Vladimir Putin’s fault – Russia is the aggressor!  Not one drop of American blood has been shed by a Russian, Mexico has not been undermined by Russian ministers, Cuba has no nuclear missiles yet, Russian tanks are not in the streets of Prague, and still we must arm ourselves for an imaginary attack on what?

If I may, 9/11 has been used to justify more war crimes and corporate robbing than any event in history, with the exception of the two world wars. 14 years of continual military action and the Middle East is a worse stew pot of extremism than at any time in history! By any stretch of the imagination America seems incapable of winning even the tiniest war. Korea to Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan and now the ISIL mess, and all we’ve done is bleed. And here’s the real kick in the pants – MEN LIKE COOK ADVISED US ON ALL THESE WARS!

Now that I’ve established a ground rule, since we all know Washington thinking has played the biggest role in world catacysm, let’s most forward with open eyes to Vladimir Putin’s New York speech on Monday. The crazies in our nation’s capital want to provoke more bloodshed! This is vividly clear now. What is not so clear is, “When will the people of my country realize, if “Putin and Russia bleed”, what will stop us from being drained of every drop too?”

Let me show you Cook’s conclusion, it will help you grasp more fully the desperation corporate controlled Washington is feeling right now. The Obama administration, and those behind, must surely be terrified of what Vladimir Putin will present on Monday. Cook sums up his argument so:

“Everything in foreign relations is linked, and it is precisely because Russia is a major strategic threat and because of the Kremlin’s adventurism in Ukraine, which threatens NATO allies like Poland and the Baltic states, that I welcome Moscow’s coming entanglement in Syria. Let Putin bleed.”

Reading the lines these new conservatives write, and all that is in between, misdirect and misinformative is the dogma complete. This article from 2010 shows the good Dr. Cook neck deep in trying to sway policy over Turkey then. Cook, like so many of his colleagues at CFR and other think tanks, betrays the larger truth of international relations today. This counter-punch to Cook from an economic expert named David P. Goldman, who Cook supposedly misrepresented over Egypt’s travail, it speaks volumes on our biggest problem – US medling in the affairs of every country on Earth. Using Dr. Stephen Cook as a poster child for top meddling advisors here, we find him spouting Middle East interference from Al Jazeera English to The New York Times international version. How did this even happen? Was our government always so insane?

The Council on Foreign Relations is indelibly stamped with the names of industry Titans, intelligence officials, and power brokers who have been responsible for more upheaval and turmoil than most of humanity can even fathom. The Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger, and titanic Russophobe Zbigniew Brzezinski are just notable mentions there. The organization is symbolic of the kind of elitist attitudes and thinking that has set our world on end for a century or more. If world peace and prosperity were ever a desirable end, these organizations and the people governing them are utter and irrevocable failures. From a practical standpoint, “Putin Bleeding” is code for business as usual – continual conflict and unwinnable wars. Why, oh why, does anyone listen to the Stephen Cooks of the world?

Taking a look at  Dr. Cook’s editiorial and study, the Israel-Washington connection seems to be a central motif. Today, his wanting Russia to be bled, it’s a fearsome reminder that diplomas and positions are in fact awarded regardless of any moral fortitude. The notion that, If Russia bleeds America will, sooner or later, it cannot have occurred to men such as this. Cook is dangerous, in ways the average citizen cannot imagine. America has already run the world’s rivers and streams red with blood. From the Caribbean Sea to Khartoum and back, the Council of Foreign Relations and other policy fronts have in effect, murdered millions. If the weight of human suffering caused by our wars were ever truly weighed, the Nazi’s or the Bolsheviks would seem as playground foes, albeit more truthful ones. “Bleed Putin,” oh my God! What dark designs must lie underneath Cooks’s or Rockefeller’s blatantly apparent philosophies? Putin must have an H-bomb speech prepared for Monday, only bitter freight can provoke an invective such as Dr. Cooks.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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