23.10.2015 Author: Vladimir Platov

Why Americans aren’t Happy with their Presidents

45345222Despite strenuous attempts of the White House representatives to create a positive image of their master both in the country and abroad, millions of people from all over the world are getting disenchanted with this “man-made idol.” Despite the fact that in 2009 (thanks to the efforts of US financiers and politicians) Barack Obama was awarded Nobel Peace Prize, the number of disillusioned continues to grow, because in many countries this award was perceived as outright mockery at the aspirations of ordinary people for peace (those very ordinary people die by thousands as a result of the policy pursued by the White House and its master and suffer from chaos incited by Washington in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and many other states). Actually, almost all manipulations undertaken for Obama to get hold of the prize are vividly described in The Peace Secretary, a book written by Geir Lundestad, former secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee that came out of print on September 17 of this year.

But more and more people in the US recognize and give sober evaluation of anti-humane activities of American presidents. The demand voiced in October by a group of students of the Missouri University, one of the biggest in the US, to have the statue of the third president of the United States Thomas Jefferson removed from the campus grounds, is symptomatic. Having freed themselves from “chains” of the state propaganda promoting a positive image of this founding father–one of the authors of the United States Declaration of Independence, students justly accused him of “hypocrisy”, “racism”, the “policy of oppression” and consider him a “symbol of violence. To support their accusations, protestors referred to numerous facts, pointing out that while calling for independence, Jefferson remained a slave owner and raped his slave-women, the name of one of them being Sally Hemings. Having engaged in active collection of signatures to file a petition demanding to dismantle Thomas Jefferson statue, students stated that although removing of statue alone “will not eliminate the racial problems we face in America today, but it will help cure the emotional and psychological strain of history.”

In August of this year, discussing growing negativism of Americans towards their presidents, The Washington Post noted, “US presidents continuously “erroneously” waste billions of dollars subjecting to risk lives of American soldiers with their idiotic orders, creating a threat, and their actions and decisions have no excuse.”

To justify its position, the newspaper provided widely known fact exemplifying actions of a few former US Presidents, in particular, Garry Truman (accession to the Korean War), John F. Kennedy (military campaign in the Bay of Pigs, war in Viet Nam, campaign of terror directed against President of Southern Viet Nam Ngo Dinh Diem), Richard Nixon (continuation of the Vietnam War), Ronald Reagan (military invasion of Grenada), George Bush (invasion of Iraq), Bill Clinton (kindling of wars in Somalia and Bosnia and Herzegovina). The newspaper has also given examples of deeds of the current US President Barack Obama.

The Washington Post also reminded everyone that Obama violated the Constitution of the United States having unleashed a war in Libya when Libya refused to use WMD and support international terrorism. He continued the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and even devised grounds justifying a possibility of waging a war against China in connection with the conflict in the South China Sea. The periodical has also underpinned that the current US president “did his bit” in sparking of genocide in South Sudan.

Just some days ago, Foreign Policy Journal accused President Obama of war crimes against Afghanistan having sensed a savor of the US colonial policy in the attack on the “Doctors Without Borders” hospital in Kunduz?

Dick Cheney has also recently waked Obama by calling the current master of the White House the worst US president in the entire US history. In his recent interview to Playboy, former vice-president of the US emphasized that Obama and Eric Holder, attorney general, “play racial card” in the disputes with opponents, accusing them of racial discrimination. “It is not true,” said Cheney. “They deserve criticism for their actions and incompetence; their race has nothing to do with it.”

At the time a program was aired on the One America News Network on July 18 of this year, American television host Tommi Lahren burst into angry criticism of the US president accusing Barack Obama of faulty policy aiming to shift public attention from the struggle against radical Islamism and war on terrorism to the legitimization of same sex marriages. Lahren’s angry speech was upload to YouTube on July 18 and has been viewed by millions of users since then.

An American billionaire, presidential candidate Donald Tramp has also given a very unflattering assessment of Obama’s presidency in a post published on his Twitter page, “Obama is, undoubtedly, the worst president of all times. I predict he will soon do something really bad and infinitely stupid to demonstrate his boldness.”

Franklin Graham, son of an acclaimed evangelist Billy Graham and president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has criticized the current master of the White House more than once. In his recent speech, reverend Franklin Graham described Obama as a leader of “the world Anti-Christ Movement,” which did not go unnoticed to the American press.

Having developed his foreign policy under the “war on terrorism” slogan, Obama has shown his incapacity in this field as well by supporting separate groups of militants in Syria and Iraq supplying them with weapons and instructors and rejecting Russia’s proposal to coordinate anti-terrorist operations against ISIS and its allies in this region.

Should it then come as a surprise that President Obama’s rating has plummeted both in the US and globally (as confirmed by the last results of the public opinion polls conducted by Gallup and other rating agencies) and even has beat the “anti-record” set by his unpopular predecessor in 1974?

Vladimir Platov, expert specialized on the Middle East region, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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