01.05.2016 Author: Konrad Stachnio

The Resurgence of neo-Nazism Comes From Ukraine to Europe

3454444Ukrainian ‘patriots‘ encouraged by Polish support in the form of body armor, boots and other valuables sent to their comrades fighting against the ‘Russian aggression’ finally decided to visit the country of its strategic partner.

Tour de Concentration Camp

The tour of larger German concentration camps in Poland involves taking photos at the crematorium furnaces or camp barracks with a characteristic gesture commonly known in Ukraine as a ‘fame for victory‘ and what is more, echoed by the former ‘residents’ of those camps as ‘Sieg Heil’.

These are simply the germs of democratic processes with which we will soon have to deal on a much larger scale in Europe if the planned abolition of visas for citizens of Ukraine is introduced by the European Union.

They might let the fruits of the Ukrainian Maidan spread across Europe supporting the ‘democratic’ processes here and there. And yet there is a lot to fight for. In Ukraine we need to deal with the ‘Russian aggression’ while in Europe the ‘Islamic invasion’ is a growing threat.

The Savchenko Act

“The Savchenko Act” is named after its initiator Nadezhda Savchenko, a Ukrainian aviator imprisoned in Russia. The law envisages the shortening of a jail sentence thanks to the so-called “two-for-one” credit, which means that for every day the offender spent in pre-trial custody, the judge reduces the jail sentence by two days.

‘In Ukraine we witness a Second Front which results in more people being killed quarterly by criminals relatively compared to the death toll on the front! While in 2010 the average homicide rate per 100 thousand inhabitants was 5.2,in 2014 there were 27 and in 2016 it is estimated that there will be 34 murders committed! It should be recalled that as a result of the amnesty in 2016, 70 000 criminals were released from prison, including 1000 murderers, said the Polish security state expert Ph.D Andrzej Zapałowski.

It seems that this is only the beginning of a bigger wave of democracy that can spread from Ukraine to Europe. As says the former head of the radical Right Sector, the member of the Ukrainian Council and advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Army Dmytro Yarosh:

‘In view of the current government policies, we are threatened by the liquidation of the state. We should carry out the revolutionary changes we demanded in Maidan Square’.

‘I have less and less hope that it will be possible in a constitutional way. That is why we cooperate with the military structures as well as with those who are in power. We realize that in case of any riots, the entire country might be ‘detonated’. Then only the army and the patriotic power structures can save the situation. I do not trust politicians ‘.

As a result of these democratic changes already planned in Ukraine, we can expect shortly another influx of migrants in Europe. And among them, the main executors of the democratic processes in Ukraine, namely neo-Nazi racists and criminals.

‘We will be killing you [Rezac] slowly and showing no mercy. Maybe Europe is humanitarian, but it is in a different position now’.

‘If you are afraid of fascists, I will instill a fascist nightmare into your souls, there is enough of Zyklon B for every separatist ‘.

These are the words of one of the new European democrats who is also one of the heroes of the exhibition “The Winners” devoted to the wounded volunteers fighting in the so-called ‘anti-terrorist operation’ in eastern Ukraine. The exhibition was presented in the European Parliament.

Sadly, the more Ukraine is becoming a “democratic Middle East of Europe’, the more powerful are such ‘democratic elements’ as releasing murderers from prison, organizing mafia structures, the neo-Nazi movement and the green light to all sorts of the dregs of society like a co-founder of the Social-National Party of Ukraine, Andriy Parubiy, who was elected President of the Parliament by the Council. The Social-National Party of Ukraine (SNPU) was a far right party in Ukraine that would later become Svoboda, and is directly related to the Nazi party.

We also must not forget about the best export goods from Ukraine:

‘After the attacks in Belgium the French Senator Nathalie Goulet stated that there was a Jihadist preparation camp in Ukraine.

In a broadcast on French radio, she said that the terrorist camp is based in the heart of Ukraine, namely in the Dnipropetrovsk region. There are special military training volunteers from the North Caucasus and Central Asia, consisting of Chechens, Turks, and Jordanians’, as we read on Fort Russ.

Therefore, the abolition of visas for Ukraine ascending the heights of democracy can be a very good idea letting it integrate with Europe which seems to be going in a similar direction, changing into one big chaos.

Apparently this is the only way out for ordinary Ukrainians not to die of hunger in Ukraine which is establishing such democratic standards.

Who benefits from the wave of migration

In this matter the neo-Nazis and other criminal organisations like for example Cosa Nostra (fighting now with the influx of migrants) increasingly turn out to be the ‘beneficiary’ of the ‘democratic’ processes in Europe. You can see for example the German NPD rallies against Islamists posing a threat to White Europe or the meetings of the German NPD and the Ukrainian UNA-UNSO.

Training camps for German and Ukrainian neo-Nazis are also located in Poland, in the Warmia and Mazury region to be exact. People who are familiar with the subject are too intimidated to talk about it openly. The information about these camps comes from three independent sources.

If the so-called Islamic attacks intensify in Europe, then Europeans might want to get rid of unwanted guests. Thence the so-called neo-Nazi movements may instantly become the beneficiaries of this process or at least considered to be useful.

Both the neo-Nazi groups such as the Misanthropic Division, Islamists and the far left-wing ideology triggered and financed by George Soros have a similar goal: the fall of the current status quo in Europe. In this context, ISIS copying the 1908 German war techniques alongside training children to perpetrate suicide attacks a la Hitler Jugend seem to be a grim joke.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of Prison Planet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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