04.10.2016 Author: Jean Perier

Will Anders Rasmussen Get a Raise for Pushing Washington’s Agenda


Just the other day, former Secretary General of NATO, former Danish Prime Minister and sitting adviser to the Ukrainian president appointed by Washington, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, decided it was about time to earn his keep and write an article for The Wall Street Journal. In it, he would announce that the only possible salvation for this world is the appointment of a new “world’s policeman.” Unsurprisingly, Rasmussen is convinced that only Washington can perform this duty.

Rasmussen, appointed to the vassal state of Ukraine to supervise the activities of Wall Street’s faithful proxy – President Petro Poroshenko, Anders is convinced that the world should eagerly support Washington’s hegemonic aspirations.

He’s convinced that we can easily overlook the fact that over the last three decades the US has started a serious of catastrophic conflicts in its bid to dominate the planet. A total of 53 governments were toppled by CIA-organized coups in order for Washington to seize control of nations, their people and resources. In a number of regions, especially in Latin America and the Middle East, the White House still seeks destabilization despite the widespread opposition versus US aspirations. The ongoing conflict in Syria has become a veritable symbol of expanding opposition to Washington’s unparalleled greed.

The last three decades have taught us a new set of unwritten rules amid international politics: if Western corporations cannot coerce elected representatives or intimidate them into capitulation, those officials will be overthrown and the state they used to lead will be plundered and left in ruins. In a number of countries across the globe, local political circles have accepted this usurpation  “voluntarily.” For example, it can be observed in the Baltic states, Bulgaria, and several other European nations. These countries, even if they’re are still called sovereign, are de facto ruled by Western special interests through a modern day form of colonial administration. Among these states one can find Ukraine, which witnessed its sovereign government toppled only to receive new “leaders” appointed openly by Washington, with Anders Fogh Rasmussen serving as one of such appointees.

By bringing forth a proposal to establish the United States as a “world’s policeman”, this former Danish Prime Minister and former Secretary General of NATO is not interested in how this proposal would be taken by Danes, Americans, or citizens of states that have already been subjected to US military interventions.

Americans themselves are becoming increasingly impatient with Washington due to its ever increasing military expenditures. This is despite the Pentagon and American political elite attempting to convince the population through state media that there’s “external armed threats” so great that the US must spend more on weapons than any other nation on Earth. But more sensible Americans are raising fair objections: what is the purpose of the North Atlantic alliance today when it stands unopposed by any rival military-political bloc? After all, with 28 states on board, the US still pays up to 80% of all NATO expenditures. And these funds are being mindlessly wasted when they could be better used elsewhere, to improve the ever deteriorating social conditions of American society for example.

This explains why the main slogan of the anti-Hillary Clinton movement echoes “Clinton is war.” An ever growing number of American citizens realize the disastrous prospects of a possible Clinton presidency. As for media sources that are not beholden to the US political establishment, they point out that Clinton’s election victory will lead to an escalation of war in Syria and new conflicts across the globe.

But even under these conditions, Anders Fogh Rasmussen wants to raise his profile, working overtime to please his patrons in Washington by persuading the world that there must be a “world’s policeman” to subject not only underdeveloped nations to the self-serving whims of Washington, but every single nation on Earth.

However, the global balance of power is shifting, and people are becoming increasingly aware of what underpins the rhetoric of those like Rasmussen. It is therefore highly unlikely that his proposed notion will  garner any supporters either in the US, or overseas.

Jean Périer is an independent researcher and analyst and a renowned expert on the Near and Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”   


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