29.11.2018 Author: Gordon Duff

Gas in Aleppo, Stranger than Truth


It wasn’t a strange twist of fate when an American television drama foretold the chemical attack on Aleppo on November 24, 2018. Only days before, the Russian government had warned of such an attack and reported that rockets with chemical warheads were being deployed.

Well, the attack really happened but this time, Russian Aerospace Forces were the ones to retaliate, according to Maria Monomenova, a Russian journalist working with Nahed al Husaini and Carla Ortiz of Veterans Today in Northern Aleppo, our source “on the ground” during the attacks.

US backed terrorists located near Leramoon and Kafer Hamran in Northern Aleppo launched the chemical attack which injured over 100.

The gas shells were delivered by an aid convoy from Turkey under the control of the White Helmets, an alleged first responder NGO funded by the CIA and MI6.

The next step will be to declare the White Helmets a terror organization, based on overwhelming evidence of their participation in attacks on Syrian civilians. Were one to apply now accepted international conventions on hunting terrorists, based on American standards set forth after 9/11, the White Helmets could be sought wherever they are hiding, even in the United States, Canada or in Western Europe.

In fact, drone attacks, even with substantial civilian collateral deaths, would be justified by American standards. How might NATO respond when a wedding in Toronto is hit by a deadly missile from a Russian drone? This is a story told a thousand times in Pakistan or 4 dozen other nations, one that might well “come home to roost,” under the now well established practice of extrajudicial killing.

Trump’s approval of the Khashoggi murder in Istanbul reinforces these policies should Russia choose to take advantage of them.

The story begins.

During Thanksgiving week in the United States, a popular fictional television series, “The FBI,” aired a hastily produced show that differed from their normal format and even handed portrayals.

This show was different, bizarre, pure propaganda, badly written, poorly acted, tossed together quickly. We might ask, why is such a television show important? To experts in psychological warfare, the reasons are obvious. First, however, we will explain what the fictional drama portrayed.

The plot involved the kidnapping of a Russia chemical warfare expert who was working with the Syrian Army and President Assad in order to “murder Syrian women and children with poison gas.”

While being led away from the Russian consulate in New York and into American custody to “testify” against “Animal assad,” the defecting Russian scientist was kidnapped by Russian agents who brutally murdered American Diplomatic Security Service agents who were providing protection for the fictional Russian witness.

There is a long history of using American fictional television series, generally one of the many police or counter-terrorism procedural dramas to “pre-stage” public opinion prior to a false flag terror attack.

Backing this up, as the victims are being treated, CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour is interviewing a “Syrian activist” who is claiming that the attack was actually staged by the Assad government though there is no evidence, no reason, no pretext to such an insane claim.

This is simple “fake news” and, more appropriately, psychological warfare.

When gas shells hit Aleppo on November 25, 2018, it was no surprise. Russia had warned the world that US backed “rebels” active inside Turkey’s zone of responsibility in accordance with the Idlib cease fire negotiated in September 2018 had received gas shells for their missiles.

The attack was expected for several reasons. Al Qaeda attacks on Syrian forces had failed over and over and their attempts to infiltrate the Homs region had been intercepted. Syrian forces, reinforced by Hezbollah and Russian military police units are clearly tiring of the continual shelling of civilian areas by the US backed rebels who have refused to abide by the cease fire.

A gas attack of any kind by US backed “rebels,” invariably Saudi paid CIA mercenaries, is always justification for a reprisal attack ordered by Trump. He has done it twice, this time, however, the Pentagon is warning Trump that Russia may not allow America to go unscathed.

The pattern of false flag gas attacks and phony reprisals, despite the fictional exploits of Dick Wolf of Wolf Films and his “left handed” attempt to blame the Khashoggi murder on Russia or Christiane Amanpour, long a cheerleader for Israel’s war on the Islamic world, continue.

The problem of state sponsored terrorism takes on additional complexities. Let’s look at a couple of the issues that the press either chooses or is ordered to ignore.

  1. How do terrorists get to Syria? I personally reviewed the files of terrorists captured across Syria when I was there in December 2014. I was given unlimited access to files by Najim Hamad al-Ahmad, then Syria’s Minister of Justice. The files demonstrated that hundreds of terrorists captured inside Syria had been hired from as far away as China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia and Indonesia, and flown to Syria though Dubai with support of Western intelligence agencies and the Israeli owned airline security company ICTS, owned by former Mossad personnel.
  2. The other issue is PMCs or “Private Military Contractors” and their efforts in arming and training terrorist groups. In order to do this, almost unlimited funding from Saudi Arabia has been provided while dozens of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) were used to smuggle weapons and ammunition, including chemical and biological weapons in, and move stolen goods, oil, antiquities, even entire factories “out.”

The contracting companies are mostly American and include Dyncorp, L3 Communications, various Blackwater related entities under the control of the DeVos/Prinz group and Google Corporation and their Jigsaw/Idea Groups assault corps.

One might wonder why a company famous for spying on the world through its internet search engine and email formats also delivers chemical weapons and plans assassinations. The answer is always the same, “follow the money.”

The most recent gas attacks in Syria involve, according to sources, manufacturing facilities owned by the United States in Tbilisi, Georgia and transportation by Ukrainian intelligence groups tied to extremist elements across Europe funded through former Trump associate Steve Bannon.

As this is written, the people of Syria have been told to expect more gas attacks and the potential of a full scale war with the United States if Syria decides to shoot down some of those “not so invisible” F22 and F35 aircraft that have recently killed so many civilians during bombings in Deir Ezzor.

We wait and watch.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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