02.01.2019 Author: Phil Butler

The End is Near When You Can’t Even Trust the Real News


The Brits are gearing up for war. Russia is filling robot suits with humans. And Donald Trump will build the Great Wall of America or bust. No, these are not “fake news” stories, our world is just this fouled up. Trump’s lawyer got three years for paying off the president’s past squeezes, Secretary of State Pompeo is losing his mind because Putin flew some decrepit Russian bombers to Venezuela, and China says they’re sorry they wanted to dominate the world. Good morning from NEO, this is the truth and nothing but the truth. Read on.

Speaking with a British lisp that would make Kaa, the snake from the film The Jungle Book cringe, General Sir Nick Carter told members of the Royal United Services Institute to get ready for “all-out” war with Russia, China, Iran and a terrorist laundry list of foes. General Carter, whose list of military accomplishments string from invading Afghanistan to helping break up Yugoslavia, is the Chief of the Defence Staff, head of the Queen Mother’s armed forces. The general who was condemned by an American counterpart in Afghanistan for “gross lack of concern for subordinates” throughout his command in Afghanistan, told attendees the UK must prepare for all-out war and shift away from our peacetime mentality because these “superstates” are a threat to Britain’s security, stability, and prosperity. Clearly, the good General has little concern for his country as a whole, for the UK could not even substantially beat Argentina during the Falklands affair. Who can forget Hitler nearly brought Britain to her knees with propeller planes and some leaky submarines back in 1940, and now Carter wants to gear up for taking on superpowers! Brits had better start practicing their duck and cover exercises again.

Moving down deeper into the policy rabbit hole we find President Donald Trump warning to shut down the United States government if Congress does not give him the cash to build the Great Wall of America. Sorry to sound curt or cynical, but watching Trump from the Oval Office with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuch Schumer the other day reminded me of schoolyard shenanigans and one-upmanship. Correlative news tells of Trump’s former lawyer now disgraced, telling the judge who sentenced him to three years in prison for tax evasion and other crimes, that the presidential hopeful Donald Trump had caused him to “follow a path of darkness rather than light.” The former Trump aide said he felt it was his duty to cover up Trump’s “dirty deeds.” Also in this vein, former Trump Secretary of State Rex Tillerson gave an interview in which he alluded to the fact Trump could care less about the legality of issues, a statement which drew a Tweet from the POTUS calling the former Exxon boss “stupid and lazy.”

Next, we have the US Secretary of State in hysterics because Russian President Vladimir Putin finally put some military hardware in America’s ballpark. With US and NATO forces literally surrounding Russia, the American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called Putin’s move in a show of support to Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, a “collaboration between two corrupt governments.” Clearly, Mr. Pompeo is not a student of avionics, the military, or history, for Russia has sent Tu 160s on missions to Venezuela before. Back in 2008, a pair of the bombers landed in the Latin American country. Then in 2013 Tu 160s entered Columbian airspace while on a flight North to Nicaragua. Amazingly, the Secretary of State of the US did not go stark raving mad on either occasion. Let’s forget for a moment that the beautiful and fast Tu 160 is a kind of flying dinosaur these days, and move on to the Chinese being caught red (pun intended) handed trying to take over the world.

CNBC reports: “Cramer: China may be recognizing that revealing its ‘world domination’ plan was a bad idea,” and how the Chinese may be revising their domination strategy for 2025. A Tweet by Cramer, the veteran CNBC reporter read: “2025 must be renounced by word AND deed, and the PRC must stop ordering espionage NOW.” Or, I guess President Trump and the Washington mafia will “punish” those pesky Chinese some more. Say WHAT? See my previous post about Trump the made man. For those unfamiliar, the ‘Made in China 2025’ is a plan that aims to break China’s reliance on foreign technology and pull its hi-tech industries up against western rivals like Apple, Microsoft, and others. Now it seems Trump has put the fear of God, or Buddha one, into the Chinese leadership. More likely the whole mess is a scam so both sides can win big on the stock market, but that could be fake news too.

Finally, in news from Paris Rothschild family stooge, French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the sorry nation this week promising “peanuts” to angered Frenchmen rioting all over the country. All I have to say about Macron is he’d better thank God for the French never have to suffer the austerity of Romania, Greece, or Spain; he’d be addressing his people from underneath the guillotine if pensioners in Paris got their benefits whacked like other Europeans. Macron promised the angry mobs immediate steps to address the “economic and social state of emergency” highlighted by the protests, but not many believe any real progress is coming. The best that can be said for France and Macron is, at least there’s no fear the Russians are coming, and there’s still no need for a gigantic wall to keep out refugees.

Oh, I almost forgot. Russia is not immune from ridiculousness. Russia-24 praised the ersatz android during coverage of a youth forum dedicated to robotics, boasting that “Robot Boris has already learned to dance, and he’s not that bad,” but it turns out Boris is really powered by the man inside the robot suit. Boris, it so happens, is “Alyosha the Robot” costume made by a company called Show Robots. Next, we’ll hear Putin has sent an army of killer robots to Venezuela or Nicaragua, and that Mike Pompeo is once again outraged. Then again, it may turn out Putin is a robot disguised as a human, but nobody will believe that either.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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