19.02.2019 Author: Phil Butler

The New York Times, a New Reich, and Those Greek Colonies


What’s the next liberal world order strategy? This is what comes to mind when the New York Times prints that Europe is alarmed by Trump, or Putin, or Brexit, and not by wave upon wave of refugees from war-torn countries. The following is a public service announcement for all of you who had rather not relive world conflict history.

Dateline Munich, and NYTs reporters Steven Erlanger and Katrin Bennhold report that the Munich Security Conference is the scene of the impending split in the Anglo-European hegemony that has ruled Earth more than seventy years. According to a story entitled “Rift Between Trump and Europe Is Now Open and Angry,” US President Donald Trump has single-handedly ripped NATO and America’s alliance into shreds.

According to the story, yet another “in the know” German official who does not want to be named, claims that the alliance is “broken,” and that the trans-Atlantic pact’s weaknesses can now be exploited by Russia and China. According to these “experts,” Europe may well decline into a position of worldwide insignificance because Trump has abandoned the Fatherland and the vassal nations surrounding Germany. Okay, that last part was me, but the cynicism is well placed.

Apparently, the geniuses at the Munich Security meetup say that the Europeans say they believe that relations with the United States will never be the same again. One of them, analyst Karl Kaiser, says French and German people trust Russia and China more than the US now, and all because of Donald Trump! Another expert, former Merkel adviser Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, said: “If an alliance becomes unilateral and transactional, then it’s no longer an alliance.”

After reading this latest NYTs propaganda, I am reminded of what the Munich meetup is for in the first place. Seeing the fiendish face of German Defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, puts me in mind of former times when Germany felt threatened. Back in the 1930s the country’s relative isolation and scary feelings led to annexing what it could and invading the rest of Europe and North Africa. Today, the peaceful Germans and French are freaked out because there is no more ISIS in Syria for Putin to clear out, and for America to claim victory over. What?

Yes, the Germans are upset because America is pulling out of the insurgency planned by the Transatlantic alliance in the first place! Oh, and they’re upset because the intermediate missiles agreement was scrapped. That decision affects European security, shouts the brilliant Angela Merkel since Putin is bound to attack the moment the “nuclear umbrella” is not over Berlin and Paris. At least this is not-so-veiled threat the NATO alliance is seeding. And then the hammer strike comes… wait for it….

The world’s most venerated newspaper brings “it” when the reporters cite none other than the former US State Department official, Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland, who said:

“The Europeans are holding their breath and thinking that it’s maybe only two more years. At the same time, they don’t want to do anything to wreck things further or to insult Trump personally and risk an angry response.”

Finally, the Chairman of the German Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee clues us as to what this latest NYT’s propaganda means. He blames not Trump, but the paradigm shift in geopolitics that the embattled US president represents. Then the German lawmakers brings the big clue:

“In the post-Trump era, there is no return to the pre-Trump era. The status quo was Europe’s security is guaranteed by the United States. That won’t happen again.”

And not for the deep analysis of what all this really means.

A European Army under the command of the Germans. The plan has already been announced on several occasions, but now President Trump has opened the door. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has pushed the idea of an EU army for years now, but no analyst has so far taken note of the main reasons for said Army.

The EU is all done; the Anglo-European hegemony cannot be maintained wither even if Donald Trump shovels a trillion dollars into the NATO coffers. Greece is humiliated, most of Eastern Europe is fed up with German privateering, and France and Italy are almost in a hot war over Macron and political posturing. Spain is in disbelief, the Brits are embroiled in their own Brexit sideshow, and the Scandinavians never wanted to play ball anyway. The only way to salvage a Europe dominated (and decimated) by Germany is to go ahead and create the Fourth Reich. I know, it’s harsh and rich, but this is the truth of all the posturing. In 2016, Simon Heffer voiced his concerns at The Telegraph in a report entitled “The Fourth Reich is here – and without firing a shot,” which was a scathing and realistic view at how Germany actually screwed every nation in the EU. I cite from his story here in order that the reader truly understands what Merkel’s new form of dictatorship is doing:

“The key to German success is this: it participates in a weak currency (whose value would collapse without it) enabling its exports to sell far more cheaply than had it retained the Deutschmark. Therefore, it continues to grow in economic strength relative to its partners – including us – but especially those in the eurozone, notably France and Italy, who would benefit greatly from restoring the Franc and the Lira.”

Now let’s carry on with the militarism aspect of this new Fourth German Reich. Two years ago the Defence Ministers from Germany, Romania, and the Czech Republic signed arrangements to expand their collective defense. The significance goes beyond historical (recalling the Axis) freakishness too. Furthermore, the NYT’s failure to report on the 2019 treaty signed by Germany and France that laid out their commitment to a future joint European Army. And the embattled French President Emmanuel Macron spoke to a forum after the signing ceremony proclaiming “authoritarian powers are emerging everywhere,” and going on to call for the building of a “real European army to protect ourselves and have a real foreign policy.” Last month, Germany’s defense minister said an EU army is “already taking shape” as the bloc looks to deepen military cooperation between member states.

With Germany at the helm of a spanking new European juggernaut army, what nations in the current EU will stand against the economic imperatives the Germans have forced on Europe since reunification? Any that do will quickly find themselves as “creative adversaries” against what is sure to become a new arms race that makes the Cold War look like a Disney flick. The globalists can only rescue their mob rule on the world by either starting a hot war or by running a protection racket where smaller or weaker European nations beg for their place at the table. Perpetuating the German and Dutch treats, keeping the Italians and the French in line, and squeezing the last drops of blood and national property out of the Greeks and the rest, this is the mission. Mark my words.

In December of 2017, Thomas Fazi wrote a piece for open Democracy with the intro:

“For Germany, the idea of Europeanism has provided the country’s elites with the perfect alibi to conceal their hegemonic project behind the ideological veil of ‘European integration.’”

The author goes on to forecast the EU under Merkel and Macron as a post-democratic and pre-dictatorial governance structure. An EU Army would be the next step to this “Fourth Reich” I’ve mentioned. After all, what is the difference between jackboots goose-stepping and economic cabalism that squeezes the life out of Romanians, Greeks, or Spaniards? Less ammunition is required, I guess. And if you think I am crazy, how about Germany’s propaganda ministers the magnate Axel Springer AG explaining how “Greece is de facto a German colony.”

You read correctly, Merkel’s media actually called Greece a colony. Now, I leave you to ponder the next moves of the EU Mafia and to read in between the mighty New York Times.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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