24.07.2019 Author: Phil Butler

Radio Free Europe Reveals Liberalism’s Decline


Democracy in Europe is failing. The U.S. State Department’s Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty RFE/RL says so. I know the spirit of legendary CIA spook Allen Dulles is spinning like a Russian ballerina in his grave at Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore. And think of all those disappointed eastern Europeans who were told America would save the day. This is a shattering revelation.

I was scanning news this morning to find out what the latest propaganda on Putin and Russia is. Some fast-track passports for Ukrainians and news of a 20-something New York Rangers hockey player criticizing Putin dominated the news out of Russia. Yes, they ran out of places for Putin to invade, and third rate spies he is supposed to have snuffed out. So, I turned to RFE/RL, a source I have come to rely on for finding out the “real” CIA and State Department strategies. Imagine my surprise when I ran across the erstwhile report “Measuring Democracy In Central And Eastern Europe.”

Thinking I would find a glowing golden fleece of globalization and prosperity hanging there on the limbs of RFE/RL’s truth tree, I was gobsmacked to discover how generations of CIA propagandists have utterly failed Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Russia, and even Poland. I am sorry to report that the liberal democracy index of all these countries has plummeted since 2009. Where mighty promises and foghorn narratives once swayed the tens of millions, super capitalistic globalization has just gone wrong. Why even stalwart Russia hating Romania is rated right down there with neighboring Hungary on the Liberal Democracy Index. Only pitiful Ukraine and Mother Russia herself are less democratic. That is if you believe RFE/RL.

What’s interesting to note in the CIA’s, oh excuse me, the RFE report is the disparity in between the indexes used by the editorial board. The figures from Freedom House tell us Poland is almost as democratic as Germany, while The Economist’s alleged “intelligence unit” tells us the former Soviet republic sunken alongside Romania and Hungary. The graphic created by Kristyna Foltynova was obviously not intended to announce the surrender of the liberal world order, but the providers of statistics she chose shed light on another Putin headline. The one where he proclaims liberalism dead as a doornail. Here’s where my report gets good.

The RFE/RL report is designed to shame Hungarians and other eastern Europeans into running back arms wide open to the liberal bankster henchmen of the west, to the same sellout politicians who were puppets to the order. Underneath the attempt at high-level peer pressuring, a Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) status report support’s Mr. Putin’s assertions at the recent G-20 Summit. Here is part of the intro to the V-Dem report which shows the RFE/RL propaganda method and that of the V-Dem Institute is the same. After proclaiming big trouble for liberal democracy, the authors reveal the intent of the report and the coming methods for fighting the worldwide move to conservatism:

“There is nothing inevitable about future outcomes. It is in this spirit that readers should interpret the results from the groundbreaking V-Forecast project (see page 27) presenting the top-10 countries at risk of an adverse regime transition 2019-2020. Rather than suggesting that these countries are doomed, this is an invitation for action. History shows that if pro-democratic forces work together, autocratization can be prevented or reversed.”

Before I go on, it’s important to understand the roots beneath the tree of western propaganda and strategy. The V-Dem Insitute is a creation of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at Notre Dame University. It is academic branches of this liberal world order tree that feed the U.S. State Department its bureaucrats. In this announcement of a alumni schmoozing affair at Kellogg, Stephanie Mulhern Ogorzalek (Graduate of 2011) from the US State Department, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, Office of African Affairs heads a career networking panel alongside the U.S. Treasury’s Cherrica Li (2011).And yes, you can order Notre Dame football tickets straight from the webpage of the announcement. I know you get it, so let’s move on.

The V-Dem report tells us that democracy overall is on the upswing, but at the same time “liberal democracies” are on the decline. The report authors attempt to paint a fearsome picture of dictators taking over all those countries that do not agree with the liberal world order. The rest of the world, the countries they say have “degenerated” into electoral democracies, include economic war-torn Greece and the refugee stop-gap Hungary. Places like Brazil, India, and even the United States under the Trump administration are deemed to be in a “third wave of democratization.”

Amazingly, while laughing in our faces, this new breed of liberal psychopaths claims the #1 challenge to their world domination is, and I quote; “Government manipulation of media, civil society, rule of law, and elections.” They spit out numbers like a scoreboard of liberal world order versus the rest of the world categorized by degrees of liberalism. According to them, their order was at its peak when 18% of the world fell under their sway. Now, with the scoreboard at 13%, it seems like the panic button has been hit. Notre Dame University may need support more than Notre Dame Cathedral soon. If Putin and reason have their way. Good God.

Like trapped animals the globalist that started the world’s biggest mess bite at their paws to free themselves from their own snares. Here is how they view the same social media and digitalization they advertised to us all a decade ago:

“Still, most democracies remain relatively resilient after serious global challenges such as the financial crisis, mass immigration to Europe, and fake news sparking fear spreading effortlessly on social media with the rise of digitalization.”

Reading between the lines here, they blame everything on whoever did not fall praying to their god of non-existent morality and total control by them. But RFE/RL has spilled the beans now. Vladimir Putin was right, liberalism is dead. If you won’t take my word, read the section of the V-Dem report titled “Democratizing Countries at Risk: Tender Flowers of Progress.” Oh, Allen Dulles, you created a spy network like the world has never seen, you should have seen THIS coming.

What we are seeing now is the nervous twitching of a corpse. Now maybe we can get around to discovering a system that actually works for all the people, not just the vagina hat wearing Clinton supporting nincompoops and Rothschild’s minions.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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