08.08.2019 Author: Deena Stryker

A Multi-Polar World versus Border Cages

Robert Mueller’s testimony in front of two Congressional committees was supposed to be the last word on President Trump’s cooperation with Russia during the 2016 election. In reality, it was intended to accuse Russia of planning to interfere again in the 2020 election — perhaps with Iran’s cooperation. Eagerly abetted by his questioners, Mueller indicted Russia for actions yet to come. But unexpectedly, Trump managed to switch the attention from Russia to racism. First he insulted four new black Congresswomen, then black Congressman Elijah Cummings, a veteran of the civil rights movement of the sixties, citing the disastrous living conditions in his state’s capitol, Baltimore (which is not the responsibility of Congress).

The MSM has suddenly discovered that a century and a half after the end of the Civil War, America still has a race problem, while not completely understanding what stokes it: the fact that Caucasians constitute only 16% of the world population. While the Europeans and progressive Americans, motivated by Enlightenment values, accept increasing numbers of the other 84% into what were, formerly their bastions, in a belated effort to atone for ruining their homelands, White Supremacists chant, as they did in Charlottesville, in 2017, ‘you will not replace us’. Meanwhile, having initiated a completely different approach to the problem of race, the Russian President saw the failure of multiculturalism as proof that ‘liberalism’s time is over’.

The MSM accuses President Putin of seeking to ‘recreate the Russian Empire’, ignorant of how that empire came about, which in turn bears on Putin’s different policy toward race. The population of Russia itself has always been quite small compared to its size — scarcely 150,000,00 compared to the US’s 350 million. That population, living under a harsh climate, gradually conquered the non-Caucasian, mostly Muslim peoples on its southern borders, while at the same time resisting massive attacks from the East, starting in the 11th century with the Teutonic Knights. It is not altogether surprising that in the twenty-first century, a leader of Vladimir Putin’s intelligence and learning chose to cooperate with, rather than try to assimilate, the global 84%, correctly seeing Caucasians as what I call the world’s ‘absolute minority’.

Starting in 2009, Vladimir Putin began to deal with that minority status by joining with China, India, Brazil and South Africa to meet challenges together. The five countries known as the BRICS are the touchstone of the multi-polar world that Washington refers to as ‘Russia’s revanchism’. They work together on every level to ensure peace in a nuclear-armed world while seeking prosperity for all its inhabitants.

Since its inception, the BRICS have spawned a myriad of initiatives, not the least of which, China’s Belt and Road, is linking Asia to Europe by road and sea, as a former ‘Third World’ country leads the way from World War III brinkmanship to improving lives. Although still absent from the US media ten years after launch, the BRICS constitute the embryo of the Multi-Polar world that will replace American hegemony when Americans free themselves from the White Supremacist agenda.

Chosen by them, President Trump takes out his authoritarian tendencies on Blacks and Latinos, incarcerating refugees from the tiny nations of Central America that the US has allowed to become lawless. But like closing the barn door after the horse has escaped, this heartless policy will not prevent Caucasians from becoming the minority in the United States by 2045. In a hopeless effort to boost white births, Republican state governments are tightening access to abortion for poor white women who cannot afford to travel abroad, while feminists fail to realize the role that race plays in the campaign against abortion. Trump has appointed friendly judges at all levels of the judiciary system, including the Supreme Court, which has ultimate power over Roe v. Wadethe law that gave American women the right to terminate pregnancies in 1972. And as a result of the Democrats’ failure to push through tough gun control laws, Trump is able to announce confidently that, if anyone questions the 2020 election results, “his people” will come out in droves.

The world is witnessing two approaches to population dynamics, one reactive, the other foresightful. They illustrate the difference between a culture built on relatively easy conquest, and one that overcame a daunting climate and multiple invasions. The Chinese began as early as the 7th century BC to build a wall against mainly northern invaders, while America could count on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to protect it from East and West. Now, however, its relatively homogeneous Northern European culture is ‘threatened’ from the South by Latinos. Combined with lingering blowback from the enslavement of Africans, the ‘melting pot’ is boiling over, while Russia offers free agricultural land to European and Chinese farmers.

(Amid shrill cries from Washington that ‘Moscow is interfering in European elections’, beyond the growing clout of sovereignists such as Italy’s Salvini and Hungary’s Orban, the EU is weaving a dense web of political and commercial relations with Russia.)

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