Alexander Orlov

Israeli-Saudi Clash with Iran on Syrian Soil is Pretty Much Inevitable


As was expected, once Moscow and Washington started disputing who attained victory over ISIS in Syria, the militants of this terrorist organization decided that they would need to demonstrate that it’s too early to write them…

Has the War in Syria Finished?


On 11 December, on his way to Egypt, the Russian president stopped off at the Armed Forces’ base in Khmeimim, where he congratulated Russian soldiers on the defeat of DAESH and announced the beginning of Russian troops’ withdrawal from Syria. In fact, in the meeting with…

As the War in Yemen Spins Out of Control, Tehran Finds Itself Deprived of a Say


At the beginning of the month, highly influential former President of Yemen Abdullah Saleh was assassinated at one of his residences. It is reported that his body was displayed to the public to show them that the “traitor” was killed, while…

Trump has Added Insult to Injury by Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital


Just a couple days ago, US President Donald Trump 

announced Washington was prepared to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, noting that he decided…

Middle East is Risking to Pay Too High a Price for the Murder of Abdullah Saleh


At the end of November, a major crisis erupted in Yemen, when a former President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced his intentions to start negotiations with the Saudi-led coalition…

The Sochi Summit – Concluding Remarks

Russia-Turkey-Iran summit on Syria in Sochi

The three-party Sochi summit on Syria, between Russia, Iran and Turkey has not even started and many countries have already decided the future fate of that country and have rushed to declare that terrorism in Syria has been almost completely defeated. This…

Revelations of a High-Profile Qatari Official Reveal a Wider anti-Syria Conspiracy


A few days ago, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar Hamad Bin Jassim in an interview with the BBC announced that his country had been providing all sorts of assistance…

The Complicated Situation Around Lebanon


It seems that Tehran has realized the threat of a conflict with the coalition, the instigators of which are Saudi Arabia and Israel, and decided to reduce the tension. The Islamic Republic of Iran has back-pedaled. At the briefing on November 13, a representative…

New Ground Realities in Syria


As it has become obvious from events unfolding in Syria, one would be right to bet on the destruction of militant terrorist groups instead of any sort of negotiations. After all, the talks in Astana, just like the Geneva talks before them, failed to create preconditions for the peaceful settlement of the Syrian…

Shaky Situations in Syria and Iraq


Despite the fact that reports of an imminent end to the Syrian war and the beginning of its economic recovery appear quite often, it is still too early to say that the Syrian Arab Republic is entering a peaceful phase of its development…

Positive Dynamics of the Situation in Syria


Following the fierce fighting south of the SAR, where Syrian government forces, with the support of the Russian Special Forces, some units of the IRGC of Iran and several Hezbollah detachments repulsed the desperate attacks of DAISH…

Tehran has Struck a Crushing Blow to Washington’s Positions in Iraq


On October 14, Baghdad issued an ultimatum to Kurdish militant groups, particularly the Peshmerga, demanding them to abandon the province of Kirkuk. Similar demands were voiced by Iraqi political leaders immediately after…

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