Alexander Orlov

Egypt: the outcome is within a couple hours

Yesterday evening the Egypt’s president Mohamed Morsi refused to step down. He justified this decision by the fact that he’s…

The Turkish Spring

Despite the tough actions taken by the police to disperse demonstrators, the protest rallies that long ago snowballed from environmental…

Arab Spring Has Come to Turkey

Having provided active support to the rebellion in neighboring Syria in conjunction with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Turkish Prime Minister…

Algeria on the Verge of Change

Recent news in the Western and, primarily, the French media about the health of Algeria’s president are being used by…

Syria: Tensions Are Rising

Some European countries have responded to Russian criticism of the EU’s decision to lift the embargo on supplying arms to…

The Pressure on Syria Is Growing despite the Agreements between Russia and the United States

On May 27, all of the European Union’s foreign ministers gathered in Brussels, where they decided to lift the embargo…

Qatar Is Funding International Terrorism

A recent statement by Syria’s Information Minister that Qatar is violating all of the UN Security Council’s resolutions on fighting…

Borders Are Going to Be Redrawn in the Middle East

In triggering the civil war in Syria by openly interfering in its internal affairs on the side of the opposition,…

Syria: The Last Line of Defense

The war in Syria entered a decisive phase after the Arab League summit held in Doha in March, at which…

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