Konstantin Asmolov

Kim Jong-nam Murder Case is Closed, or More Precisely Falls Apart


We recently wrote about the acquittal of one of the women accused of poisoning Kim Jong-un’s half-brother. On 11 March, Indonesian citizen Siti Aisyah was released from jail, because prosecutors refused to press charges against her. On 1 April 2019, the second suspect…

Gradually Re-establishing Historical Truth about Jeju Uprising


On 3 April, 2019 a commemo- ration ceremony to honor victims of a bloody suppression by government forces of the people’s uprising in 1948-1954 was held on the island of Jeju. More than 10,000 people, including representatives of the government and the National Assembly, revolt…

Attack on North Korean Embassy in Madrid


On February 22, 2019 a group of unidentified individuals attacked the Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) in Madrid. A few days after the incident, the Reuters News Agency and Spanish online newspaper El Confidencial published reports, citing sources in Spain’s Ministry for Home Affairs…

How Relations are Unfolding between China and North Korea in Early 2019

China North Korea

In another article, details were given of the North Korean leader’s visit to Vietnam, which mentioned that Kim Jong-un’s special train passed through Chinese territory without making any long stops on the way back to North Korea. Despite earlier predictions, there was…

Yet Another Victor Cha’s Attempt to Stall US-DPRK Talks, or was it John Bolton’s?


Not long ago, we examined two attempts which were made by Victor Cha—failed US Ambassador to South Korea and one of the most odious foreign policy hawks—to disrupt the North Korea–United States Summit. First, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), where…

Results of the North Korean leader’s visit to Vietnam


In previous reports on Kim Jong-un’s visit, we described his arrival in Vietnam and his meeting with the President of the United States, however, the program Kim Jong-un had scheduled for his visit did not end there. In the afternoon on 1 March, the Supreme Leader of North Korea…

Outcomes of National Convention held by ROK’s Conservative Party


At the end of February, quite an important event took place in South Korea as the largest conservative opposition party, Liberty Korea Party (LKP), held a national convention where its new leader was elected and a future strategy adopted. To start with, we would like to remind our…

North Korea Talks Discussion: Yet Another Attempt to Create Much Ado about Nothing


On more than one occasion we have pointed out that every time the USA and DPRK attempt to establish a dialogue, anti-Trump forces in the United States try to sabotage these efforts. Their approach is simple and straightforward, a widely publicized investigation begins…

Is Ahn Hee-Jung’s Prison Sentence a Victory for the Feminist Movement or the Political Climate?


Not so long ago, within a context focusing on the status of women in South Korea, we looked at the case of Ahn Hee-jung, the former governor of South Chungcheong Province, whose secretary Kim Ji-eun in an interview broadcast live on cable television accused him of…

US and South Korea Finally Signed an Agreement on Sharing Military Expenses


In a number of previous articles on military cooperation between the USA and South Korea we have tackled the problem of reaching agreement on Seoul’s contribution to the expenses involved in maintaining the US military presence in South Korea. These expenses include…

News about “North Korean Hackers” and IT Penetration in DPRK


The last time we discussed the subject of North Korean hackers was when the U.S. Department of the Treasury imposed sanctions against the hacker Park Jin Hyok from DPRK and the North Korean company Chosun Expo Joint Venture, which he had worked for as a programmer, because of…

Case of Ko Hyon-chol and Other Unsavory Tales of Sexual Abuse in South Korea


Ko-Hyon-cholOnce the story criticizing a report on mass-rape in DPRK was published, its author has faced with a fierce backlash. Many people were unwilling to believe that by “presenting notorious stories not as exceptions but as examples of daily tactics, and by then employing a similar…

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