Konstantin Asmolov

Comment-rigging Scandal Update: Appointed Special Prosecutor Begins Work


We continue to follow the events that can potentially transform into the latest political crisis in South Korea.  Even at this stage, the online comment-rigging scandal buried Moon Jae-in’s plans of ensuring the constitutional amendment referendum coincided with…

Has the Problem of Illegal Migrants and Refugees Reached South Korea?


On 7 July 2018, a 700-strong protest took place in front of the office of Seoul’s mayor. People came out into the streets carrying signs, such as “Put Koreans before refugees”, and protesting against the policies of the provincial administration of the Jeju island, which…

South Korean Footprint in Vietnam War


South Korean statements about “comfort women” leave the author with an impression that only someone without similar skeletons in their closet has the right to voice such demands and harsh criticism. Otherwise these heartfelt declarations appear to exemplify duplicity or unscrupulous…

“Attempted Military Coup” in South Korea


At the beginning of July 2018, South Korea’s mainstream newspapers were full of headlines about an uncovered military coup as deviously planned as the military plots concocted by Park Chung-hee and Chun Doo-hwan. A whole group of high ranking military personnel, including Kim Kwang-jin…

Outcome of South Korean President’s State Visit to Russian Federation


The South Korean President Moon Jae-in made an official State Visit to Russia from 21 to 23 June. This was the third summit (after their meetings during the G20 summit in July and the Eastern Economic Forum in September 2017) and the first State Visit to Russia in 19 years (South…

Will the USA and South Korea Cancel Joint Exercises?


As the audience remembers, at a press conference after the summit with the leader of DPRK in Singapore Donald Trump told that the USA will stop the military exercises held together with South Korea. “We will stop war games,” the US President said, having called them “provocative” and…

The Story of “Defected Restaurant Workers” – Proves False, They did not Defect!


The South Korean TV network JTBC has seemingly become the chief muckraker and scandal broadcaster, capable of seriously influencing South Korea’s internal politics.   At a point in time, they were the ones who found the tablet PC, with evidence that Choi Soon-sil…

The Results of the Meeting Between Donald Trump And Kim Yong-chol


On June 1, 2018 the President of the USA Donald Trump had a meeting with Kim Yong-chol, the Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the head of the United Front Work Department…

How Likely is it that US troops will be Withdrawn from South Korea?


On May 4, the New York Times, 2018 citing a number of different sources, reported that Donald Trump had ordered the Pentagon to draw up plans for a possible reduction of America’s military presence in South Korea.  Of course, it is not a question of Kim yielding, but, according to…

How Quickly Will Results of Inter-Korean Summit be Annulled?


Not too long ago as it seems, we remarked that the Olympic thaw bore its first fruit from a tactical point of view. Unfortunately, concurrent with quieting naysayers and other steps towards rapprochement, we are witnessing actions that could very…

Is the Korean Comment-rigging Scandal Similar to the “Trolling Officials” One?


Only recently we wrote about the conservative ex-president of South Korea, who ended up in prison as a result of a series of accusations levelled against him. Still an ongoing scandal that started in mid-April has all the tell-tale signs that may turn it into an analogous story…

What Could Kim Jong Un and Trump Agree on?


The summit between North and South Korea, to be held on April 27th, 2018, has increased the likelihood that the US and DPRK leaders will meet. If we leave out the issues of protocol, the ultimate choice of where the meeting is to take place and discussions about how useful this…

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