Caleb Maupin

Dangerous Anti-China Cult Panders to Trump Supporters


President Trump increasingly surrounds himself with anti-China fanatics, but in reality, his supporters may  find the truth about the Chinese Communist Party and Xi Jinping to be quite inspiring. When Donald Trump addressed his supporters in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, among those…

CNN Jokes About Obvious Truth: US Media Works With Intelligence Community


As CNN reporter, Gary Tuchman, mocked supporters of Donald Trump who displayed signs supporting the internet “Q-Anon” movement, he blatantly misrepresented a well-established fact. Tuchman taunted one Trump supporter who said…

11 Million Reasons for Wall Street & London to Hate Russia


Why does the US media have an anti-Russian fixation? It’s not what the American people want to hear. 71% of the Ronald Reagan-loving, military-obsessed Republican Party approve of Trump meeting with Putin. On the other side, top liberal CNN commentator and former President Obama’s…

Efforts Against ‘Made in China 2025′ Are Rooted in Pessimism

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One definition of the word ‘pessimism’ is “a lack of hope or confidence in the future.” Pessimism is certainly pervasive in western politics in the present epoch. The far-left, no longer drawing from Marxism and historical materialism, but rooted in New Left mysticism…

The Geopolitics of Impeachment: Recalling Nixon in the Trump-era


Throughout Trump’s presidency, the memory of Nixon has been invoked by both opponents and supporters of “The Donald.” Richard Nixon stands out as the only President in U.S. history to have resigned, and not completed his term in office. During Trump’s…

Memory-Sticks & Quotas: The Politics of Korean Steel


Import quotas have long been out of fashion among U.S. leaders in the age of free trade and globalization. However, on April 30th, the White House announced that the United States has now revived the practice, with South Korea being the first country subject to this harsh economic…

Gender Confusion in the American Deep State


In recent airstrikes against the Syrian government ,the military brass urged the White House to exercise restraint. Meanwhile, various liberal academics who are committed to “global understanding” allege that the President is “soft on the Russians” and not confrontational enough. What is happening…

Pushing Vietnam Against China: Kissinger & Brzezinski in Southeast Asia


The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is set to host a US aircraft carrier from the pacific fleet. The USS Carl Vinson will be docked in Vietnam, and this will send a clear message of hostility from Vietnam to the People’s Republic of China.  The South…

US Media Sings A Happy Song & That is Why We Should Be Afraid


The understanding that the American press, both TV and print media, thrives on negativity is deeply embedded in the culture, so much so that the theme music to the popular 1990s American TV sit-com “Family Matters” began with the couplet: Its a rare condition…

China’s New World: Energy Markets, Sci-Fi Novels & Rational Progress


The rise of China is the largest geopolitical gamechange of the epoch. Never in history has a country so rapidly shifted its status, from one of the poorest countries on earth to the planet’s second largest…

The Islamic Republic Stands Strong: Confused American Deep State Flops in Iran


The Islamic Republic of Iran is probably even stronger than it was prior to December 28th, 2017. On that date, the international media announced that protests were taking place across Iran. The White House, the US State Department, and the American…

Two Great Roads: Infrastructure in the USA & China


As the end of 2017 approached, the Chinese Ministry of Transportation announced its plan for the next year. In 2018, China intends to build over 200,000 kilometers (124274.238 miles) of new roads in rural areas. The result will be to connect 5,000 rural villages to asphalt…

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