Caleb Maupin

A Golden Era in Eurasia: What Can Americans Learn From The Yamal LNG Project?


The $27 billion Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility just established in Russia’s Artic Yamal Peninsula may seem like just another energy project. However, it should not be glossed over. This new LNG facility is example of how an alternative economic…

A Rising Tide: In Defense of Socialist Billionaires


The common charge of hypocrisy against wealthy people with leftist views (“Champaign socialists” “limousine liberals”) now has a new twist, as the growing number of billionaires in China, or the purported wealth of leaders in Bolivarian countries…

Russia, China & The White House: A Study in Bonapartism


There are clearly big disagreements among the American ruling class. Donald Trump is President of the United States, despite having a large number of adversaries in powerful places. Congress continues to investigate Trump for alleged ties to Russia, with…

Salman’s Shake-Up: Saudi Maneuvers Are Bad For The American People


The Ritz Carlton Hotel in downtown Riyadh is now serving as a temporary prison, holding some of the 201 people that have been detained on the orders of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman…

Mass Shootings, Terrorism & “Western Values”


While the two profiles of mass murderers across the western world in recent years seem totally different from each other, they seem to share a common theme. While the “angry white men” and “ISIS inspired” “Lone Wolves” have different…

Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen: Are Negotiations Being Considered?


From the moment that the Saudi-led onslaught against Yemen began, the USA has been solidly behind Riyadh. Yemen now faces a humanitarian crisis, yet the forces committed to sovereignty and economic development remain strong…

Technology & The Marxism of Jack Ma


The world famous founder of Alibaba may be a billionaire CEO, but the words he is repeating around the world contain echoes of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Mao Zedong. It may be difficult for the untrained ear to identify it, but it…

Old & New Mccarthyism: Fear of Russia, China in the American Mind


It has become almost cliche to compare the current atmosphere of Russo-Phobia in US politics to the 1950s “Mccarthyism.” The sometimes open and sometimes subtle demonization of alleged Chinese…

“New Energy Vehicles”: Can China Break Big Oil’s Global Order?


In the antebellum south of the United States, the planation owning slaveholders kept their power because of an economic order summed up by the slogan “Cotton is King.” In today’s international order, a small clique of western monopolists…

Energy Desperation or Why Trump Can’t Restore Friendship With Russia


Despite all the talk of Russia in 2016, and all the arguments and allegations around it, US policy toward the largest country on earth in terms of geography remains unchanged. This is due to the fact that policy is driven by…

Why is the USA in Afghanistan? An Answer To The Big Question


Donald Trump is sending more troops to Afghanistan, continuing the USA’s longest war. CEO Michael Silver, of the American Elements corporation, wrote a short op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, urging for the extraction of the country’s…

“Too Much Coal” – Grabbing Energy Markets with Geopolitics


After a two year slump, coal, iron, and everything related to mining is seeing a boom. Entities on the New York Stock Exchange linked to the extraction of minerals from the earth are seeing their profits go up. Like most things in…

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