Caleb Maupin

The Last Days of Obama: Napoleonic Maneuvers at the Security Council


It seemed to come almost out of nowhere. The United States usually protects Israel from critical resolutions at the UN Security Council. However, in a dramatic move, the US abstained and a resolution criticizing recent settlement…

Immigration, ‘Peasant Cultures,” & The New Right-Wing Nationalists


Global media is abuzz with talk of the “New Nationalism” that is sweeping the western world. US media talks specifically of the “Alt Right.” So, why is it that figures…

Solutions or Scapegoating? Straight Talk About China & Fentanyl


The crisis of opiate addiction is very real in the United States. In 2015, more Americans died from drug overdoses than gun violence. According to the Washington…

The Oil Siege Is Over, “The Cartel” Looks East


Oil prices are back up and rising. The low oil spell that started in 2014 has concluded. This sudden rally, like its sudden decline, is not accidental.  The new situation has definite implications for the ongoing international…

Hydro-Power, Manufacturing & Political Will: Can the American Rust-Belt Learn from China?


With an executive order, Roosevelt hired millions of Americans who had been laid off in the economic crisis of the 1930s. Their task was start building. One of the…

Will Trump Dump The Wahabbi Autocrats?


US leaders almost always justify their foreign policy with words about “democracy” and “human rights.” Especially when talking about the Middle East, the insincerity of such words are blatantly obvious. While US leaders criticize Iran…

Stability Battles Chaos: From London to Aleppo


For over five years the leaders of the United States, Britain, France, and Germany have been working to topple the Syrian Arab Republic. In their efforts to remove the independent nationalist government led by the Baath Arab…

Fascism Over Farmers? The Troubling Priorities of the American Government


US Foods Holding Corporation and Sysco, the two top American food distribution giants, are laying off thousands of workers. Wal-Mart is closing stores and terminating employees…

Will China Save Us From Hollywood?


As right-wing conservatives in the United States have pointed out for decades, Hollywood is a very political place. However, a new and growing source of political influence may be changing how the global…

US Media’s Anti-Russian Numbers Game


On Sept. 14th, US Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois was invited on CNN’s “The Lead” as an expert on Russia. Without so much as a pause, he stated the following: “Donald Trump says we have to work with Russians in some of…

The Allepo Boy Photo & The Ghost of Rudyard Kipling


The beloved American poet Robert Frost once said “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” While our minds generally think of beautiful emotions expressed in verse, sometimes poetry can…

Clinton & Russia: Has US Media Forgotten the 1990s?


US media is filled with unproven allegations that Russia is working to defeat Hillary Clinton at the polls in November. Despite no solid evidence being provided, Clinton continues to allege that Russia is responsible for the leaking…

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