Catherine Shakdam

Social Resistance in Yemen is Real and It Spells as Resilience


With more enemies set to destroy it than friends to rely on for basic survival, Yemen remains in the throes of a match to the death with its powerful neighbour: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Labelled an enemy by Riyadh on account of its people’s refusal to adopt the kingdom’s political narrative – mainly…

Let’s Call to End War Profiteering in Yemen


Coming March 26, 2018 Saudi Arabia will have been at war with impoverished Yemen for a punitive 3 years. Three years of an implacable and murderous military campaign that witnessed the death of over 15,000 people – of which mostly unarmed civilians; saw the destruction of civilian…

The Ghost of Mistakes Past: Islamic Jihadism and France’s Colonial Past


With Daesh militants all but defeated, another battle – one more serious as we may soon find out, has seen western capitals struggle with that very ideology they say to abhor, and yet tacitly supported, as part of their desire to quiet certain geopolitical dynamics in…

How France Became the Front Line of Salafists’ Expansionism


Belief so far has prevailed that Terror, such as that expressed by those factions which ambition through bloodshed and plunder to create a system of governance they believe to be the expression of their Salafist faith, remains forever rooted within the Islamic world – thus putting…

11 days to Freedom – Remembering Iran’s Awakening and Liberation


“… Back when women who wore heels and lipstick regarded their chador-clad sisters in the religious cities and the countryside as backward, Iran was supposed to be on course to becoming a reliable ally of the West,” writes Mary Dejeevsky…

Yemen’s War Theatre Just Got More Complicated


YY7967234234If few were ever under the illusion that Saudi Arabia could manifest its hegemonic ambi- tions in Yemen by sheer military force, the recent collapse in Aden of Riyadh’s tentative alliance with the UAE only serves to underscore the pending demise of the kingdom’s so-called coalition…

The Hardest Road Ahead – Yemen’s Conflit Just Got Muddier


Yemen’s longest serving president Ali Abdullah Saleh is no more! If news of his death may have left many to rejoice at the demise of a man they perceived as a tyrant – an opportunist hungry for power and wealth, Yemen’s former strongman nevertheless spoke…

Arbaeen – The Untold Largest Pilgrimage in History


Far from the public eye, carefully blanketed by mainstream media silence, the holy city of Karbala saw this early November its numbers of inhabitants swell by an estimated 17 million and counting. From all four corners of the world…

Trump’s America is Not Just Losing, it has Already Lost to Iran


“Authority and authoritarian powers seek to collapse the values, the systems, and alliances that prevented conflict and tilted the world toward freedom since World War II.” clamored one boastful US President Donald Trump as he took…

A People and a Faith are Held Hostage to the House of Saud


The House of Saud is using the Hajj pilgrimage as an asymmetrical weapon of war to forward its agenda. To prevent God to become a tradable commodity, and abuses institutions onto themselves, silence…

The Rise of the Radicals – The Narrative of Terror Hides Behind its Ideologues


The 2016 BBC documentary on Deobandis in the UK exposed what many of us knew all along. That the Muslim communities in the United Kingdom are not a monolithic and that there are…

Why Repress When One Can Kill on Sight? – Saudi Arabia’s Campaign in Qatif


The mainstream media is finally catching on to Saudi Arabia’s mad race for absolute ownership of its nationals by way of a grand religious cleanse. For those who breath under the skies…

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