Christof Lehmann

The Kurdistan Factor


Kurdish parties, militants and their alliances have developed into major factors in the Syrian, Iraqi as well as Turkish war theaters. Although Kurds have been a significant regional factor since the mid-1980s, their role in…

Gun Control Debate Back on the Right Track


The gun control debate in the United States, and beyond, has been derailed and needs to be put back on the right track. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America prioritizes the citizens’ right to carry firearms second…

MH17: Lack of Evidence and Political Chess Games


Following the Dutch Safety Board’s publication of the final report on the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, the political positioning and posturing about the tragedy continues. The Dutch Safety Board is…

Reassessing Reform, Revolt and Revolution


Most preconditions for reform, revolt and revolution have changed significantly since the end of the so-called cold war while other preconditions and factors have remained. Studies show that any movement, including social, reformist or revolutionary and…

Sri Lanka: The Long Way to Recovery


On September 16, 2015 the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) finally published its report on the agencies investigation into the 2002 – 2011 civil war in Sri Lanka. The report documents abuses committed by all sides during…

Dangerous Trends In Palestinian Health Caused by Occupation: UNRWA


A UNRWA report on Palestine’s Gaza Strip concludes that infant mortality has risen for the first time in decades. A significant marker for a dangerous trend says UNRWA Director of Health Dr. Akihiro Seita. Infant mortality is but…

A New Middle East: An Assessment


Developments in Syria and Iraq are in an dynamic phase where day to day developments can distract from the assessment of probable midi- to long-term developments. Operand factors in this assessment are Russian – Turkish relations, a redirection of Russian…

Danish PM Lars Løkke-Rasmussen: Notorious Sponsor of Terrorism


The election of a Danish Venstre (liberal) minority government led by PM Lars Løkke-Rasmussen is setting Denmark on a collision course with Russia; a course that promotes NATO’s expansion, and the continued State / NATO…

G-4 – An Asian and European Peace with Enemy States?


The UN Charter still designates Italy, Germany and Japan as enemy states to the United Nations. In legal terms this means that any U.N. Member State can launch a “preemptive” military aggression against these nations without a declaration of war. Seldom…

FIFA, Blatter and Weaponized Sport


Incumbent FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter was re-elected to a fifth term in office by the 65th FIFA Congress in Zürich. Shortly before the Congress, Swiss police units cooperating with the United States’ FBI launched a series of arrests of FIFA officials on…

The half-baked Farce of International Law

The social constructionist battle that is being waged by Heads of State, top-diplomats, columnists, analysts and media about Ukraine, Crimea,…

Rumsfeldt’s Missing Trillions, Stavridis and Unconventional War

September 10, 2001. U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeldt stated that 2.3 trillion dollar from the Pentagon's annual budget could…

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