Christopher Black

The Russia Indictment: A Danger To Peace and Democracy


The Indictment issued by the US Department of Justice on February 16, against Russians alleged to have “defrauded the United States government” and a wave of “sanctions” imposed or threatened against the Russian government…

US Nuclear Policy Review; The World Is Our Enemy


The world is our enemy and we reserve the right to destroy part or all of it at our discretion. That is the essence of the United States Nuclear Policy Review that was recently released; a document of a criminal enterprise…

The Genocide Conspiracy Against North Korea: An Open Letter to the International Criminal Court


The American threats against North Korea continue to mount and with them the threat of the genocide of the people of North Korea by the United States of America and its allies. The meeting…

USA: A Different Strategy For A Different Ambition


I have just read through the new United States National Security Strategy released by President Trump in December 2017. There have been many comments on it most of them focusing on the hostility in the document towards Russia and China but also…

The Maidan Massacre: US Army Orders: Sow Chaos


Gunfire aimed at protesters on Kiev’s Independence Square, also known as the Maidan, was delivered in winter 2014 by the mercenaries who had arrived in Kiev for the purpose of organizing disorders,” lawyer Alexander Goroshinsky told 112…

The Mladic Case: A Stain On Civilization


The defiant words of General Mladic to the judges of the NATO controlled ad hoc war crimes tribunal for Yugoslavia rang out loud and clear the day they pretended to convict him. He could have added ‘but history will absolve me” and a lot more but he was thrown out of…

J’accuse! The Demand For Injustice


J’accuse! The phrase of Emil Zola, that shook a nation because it demanded justice for a falsely accused man, the phrase that will ever be remembered, as will the man who wrote it, is a phrase now used to condemn people, without trial, without fair hearing, without right of reply. The phrase “I accuse” is…

Canada Follows Orders: Russia Reacts


Canada’s decision to extend its anti-Russia sanctions under the false pretext of hypocritically championing human rights is absolutely pointless and reprehensible,” read a November 3 statement from the Russian embassy in Ottawa. Pointless and…

The Ben Stimson Case: Prosecuted For Fighting Fascism in Ukraine


On July 14 this year a British man from the Manchester area named Benjamin Stimson, aged 41, a man the London Times called a “socialist” to add to his crimes, was convicted…

The Courage To Decide For Peace


“Competitive armament is not a way to prevent war. Every step in this direction brings us nearer to catastrophe. The armament race is the worst method to prevent open conflict. On the contrary, real peace cannot be reached without…

A UN Force For Ukraine: Beware the Trojan Horse


Russia has proposed that a UN “peacekeeping” force be placed in Ukraine to protect Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) representatives, who are supposed to be monitoring adherence to the Minsk agreements…

International Law? The Americans Don’t Give A Damn

Journal NEO Collage

The United States of America has sunk to a new low in diplomacy and civilized relations between nation states with its demand that Russia close its consular missions in San Francisco, Washington and New York, quickly followed…

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