Deena Stryker

Baltic States: Three Mice, a Horse and a Serpent


I had a heated discussion with a woman of Lithuanian descent the other day on the subject of the ‘Russian threat’ to her country of origin, where she has friends and family. She claimed the Baltic countries are desperate to be…

Cold War 2: What’s at Stake?


The Bible orders that children not be forced to pay for their parents’ misbehavior, an injunction that has long since been replaced in Washington with guilt by association. Ever since Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels stood up against…

The NY Times Plays the Blame Game


Within the last week, the NYT has published two rather contradictory articles about US foreign policy. The first was an editorial titled “Russia Puts the Blame on Everyone Else”. Claiming that the Cold War is over, when in reality…

The World Turns: Columbus, Luther and Putin


Five centuries ago, the age of the West was born when an Italian nerd went looking for the Orient across the Atlantic, bumping into America. Notwithstanding its internal conflicts, the Old World initiated wars of discovery and…

Europe’s Lost Chance


In the early eighties, during its evolution from 28 warring countries to an economic union that would keep the peace, the Europeans, ever suspicious of one another, rejected the idea of a federation that would have given them. a common political system. Instead, they settled for a common currency, which has been revealed as impotent without…

Russia/Turkey: Ready and Willing


А major geo-political realignment is taking place between the US, Russia and Turkey. While NATO used Turkey to ‘defend’ Europe’s so-called southern flank (by threatening Russia’s southern flank), the European Union led Turkey on…

Hillary’s Speech: The Ultimate Brain-Wash


On the last day of the Democratic Convention, Hillary Clinton dressed in white in a remarked similarity to Melania Trump when she spoke at the Republican Convention. In response to Donald Trump’s motto: Make America Great Again…

US Coverage: More Than Ignorance


Recently, the public Broadcasting Channel (PBS) ran a series on the war in Ukraine that would make the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk furious if they could see it. In the first episode we meet government soldiers who claim…

Tackling Russia on the Sports Field


Americans like to say: ‘if you can’t beat them, join them,’ but this advice has been forgotten by the pointy heads in Washington. The last thing they want is to join Russia in solving the world’s dire problems. Since that makes…

No Wonder NATO is Frantic!


While a first sight, NATO’s phenomenal buildup in Europe, intended to counter Russia’s so-called ‘aggression’, is a deadly threat to the world, a closer look may reveal a different story. NATO is an ‘alliance’ of many countries with…

Britain Out, but English Reigns


To appear on TV, or oppose the TTP you need to know English. During the long years I spent in France, I tried to convince my friends and colleagues that French would never become the world’s lingua franca again, however much the French people were encouraged to believe it should…

Is There a Difference Between a Democracy and a Western-style Democracy?


Democracy has got to be the most overworked and under-defined word in the English language these days – in fact, in any language, given that memes spread across the planet faster than the speed of light. The more ruthless and…

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