Deena Stryker

Whither the EU?


It’s too soon to draw firm conclusions from yesterday’s vote by the British people to abandon the sinking ship that is the European Union, as hundreds of thousands from troubled lands try desperately to gain access to their country. Beyond…

Mikhael Gorbachov Enjoys The Treatment Reserved for Surrendering Military


This is the headline with which the NYT recently signaled a new book by the man who ended the Soviet Union, and has continued to work for global peace ever since. In a long, but consistently dismissive article…


US: It’s Our Turn to Fall Apart


For decades, the carefully scripted Anglo-Saxon world has been gloating at the sight of lesser polities’ perpetual political turmoil: whether it be European — France’s successive ‘Republics’ – currently the Fifth — or the escapades…

Europe Twixt Nationalism and Unity


Recently, Austria almost beat France for the doubtful honor of being the first European country since World War II to elect a far-right president. A last-minute postal ballot count saved the day. For decades France’s National Front was in…

The World-as-System, Riding the Tiger


The world as system is the subject of much study. Among early theoreticians, Richard Falk, now the UN Rapporteur for Palestine, headed the World Order Models program at Princeton in the seventies, and Emanuel Wallerstein…

Europe Backtracking


It’s hard to believe that in 2016, part of the world is looking so much like it did seventy years ago – and yet so different. US-led NATO troops are sitting on Europe’s closest border with Russia: the one with Ukraine, where, during the second…

Capitalism and the Worsening Social Conditions of “Everyday People”


I’ve taken to reading the slimmed down Time, which covers few stories, but at least one in depth. In the May 23rd issue I was impressed with Rana Foroohar’s cover story, ‘Capitalism’. Perhaps under the…

Europe and US: Election Sideshow


During Bill Clinton’s impeachment, I was living in France, and every time I turn on the TV these days, I am reminded of how Europeans viewed that spectacle, imagining how the Donald/Hillary/Bernie show is playing ‘over there’. Surely, they are far…

Was a United Europe a Mirage?


Angela Merkel’s best intentions could not transform the Turkish President from an ‘Oriental despot’ to a respectable member of the European family. All the German Chancellor, not so long ago affectionately known as ‘Mutti’ (mother), got for enlisting…

V-E Day Coverage Reveals Western Ignorance


If RT’s coverage of the 71st anniversary of the end of World War II in Moscow shows anything beyond tens of thousands marching enthusiastically, it’s the abysmal ignorance of the American people vis a vis a major 20th century event. RT’s…

Europe Twixt Phoney Wars and Spheres of Influence


Europe is the birthplace of most of the ideas that gave Western Civilization its edge over the rest of the world, yet geographically it is a peninsula of Eurasia and Africa’s backyard. Eurasia at its most extensive from North to South…

Strong Leaders Do Talk to Their Constituents


Anticipating the usual snide if any, report on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s April 14th public Q and A, I’d like to make the following remarks: Fidel Castro was the first and most riveting example of why a leader gives long public speeches…

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