Deena Stryker

Degeneracy of Western Morality and Pope’s Divisions

Democrats Introduce Legislation To Safeguard Social Security

The American media shows little interest in Bernie Sanders’ weekend meeting with Pope Francis, having predicted that it was not included in Sanders’ invitation to speak at a Vatican conference. Similarly, Joseph Stalin is known to have responded…

French Labor Reform Aggravates the Migrant Crisis


French workers are up in arms over a new labor law that desecrates everything they have gained since the Revolution, and they are all the more indignant that a so-called socialist President is behind it. You have to know just how big a place…

The Globalization of the United Nations


Recent UN efforts at peace-keeper, whether by dispatching blue helmets to troubled areas or passing resolutions, have been largely a failure. Surely that is partly because the king in his castle was the supreme ruler of lands administered by princes…

‘Isolated’ Russia Busy Doing Smart Stuff


American foreign policy pundits and their echo chamber in the press scoffed at Russia’s intervention in Syria: it would be a quagmire. When Russia brought home most of its planes after a successful campaign against ISIS, Americans pretended…

ISIS: A US Cultural Failure


Reporting from Belgium on the terrorist attacks, MSNBC’s Chris Jansing mentioned how impressed she was at the level of knowledge Europeans appear to have of the American political scene, wondering how great an effect Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim…

The Second US Revolution is Starting


When the time comes to write the history of the second American revolution – or perhaps the second civil war – no one will be able to say that they didn’t see it coming. It has been building day after day on our television screens: A big, sexually…

Europe Resists Implications of Brussels Attacks


How many more cities will ISIS have to attack before Europe realizes its survival depends on forcing the US to team up with Russia? During the long decades of the Cold War, Europe was a pawn in the Great Standoff between the two ‘superpowers’…

Hillary and the Arrow of Time


I’ve written about the arrow of time on several occasions. This rule of physics says that time never goes backward, and it has crucial implications for politics, as I show in my book A Taoist PoliticsThe February 19, 2007 blog in which I foresaw…

The EU and a Turkish Rabbit


Turkey’s location at the east end of the Mediterranean makes it an obligatory passage between a largely Christian Europe and a largely Muslim Asia. However, since Europe’s initial steps toward a supra-national entity in 1955, there has…


Europe is Never Gonna Get it Together!


Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Wharton, Capote, Mann, Kafka, Svevo, Hesse, turn over in your graves! The cosmopolitan Europe of Paris, Vienna and Prague only managed to come together briefly over your tombs!  Its thirty-some nations, each with…

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