Deena Stryker

Without the I Word, Beware B and P


As Nancy Pelosi struggles to contain increasing demands for the Congress to impeach President Trump, his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo ratchets up tensions in the Gulf of Oman, as it has done in countless other historical circumstances, making war with Iran look imminent. Now more than ever, Americans need to know that

Trumps and the Ides of June


In Roman times, the Ides of March, which fall on March 15th, was the deadline for settling debts. Cesar was warned by a fortune-teller to “Beware the Ides of March” before being assassinated on that day. As 2019 approaches ‘the Ides of June”, the Empire is having not only ‘a constitutional crisis’ in which the President is challenging the ‘checks and balances’ written into the Constitution, it was plunged into…

Bannon and Putin Helping Europe Turn Right


During the long twentieth century, the United States twice rescued Europe from its own follies — to its benefit, and this year’s dramatic shift to the right in the European Parliamentary elections is partly credited to a long campaign by the American Deus ex-Machina Steve Bannon…

America: Between Social Democracy and a Shooting War


It really is true: the bastion of Liberalism is seeking a makeover. Not only have there been a slew of books about socialism and social-democracy of late, but a slew of social-democrats have actually broken the congressional glass ceiling. (I’ve been unable to establish exactly how many DSA members were elected in 2018, along with Alexandra Ocasio-Cortes, who became…

The Europe-Africa Seesaw Facing a New US


In the 1990’s, the US bombed Serbia under the pretext of its mistreatment of Albanians living in the province of Kosovo: currently, citizens of both countries are demonstrating against the austerity measures of their respective governments. Meanwhile, in France, the Yellow Vests…

America’s Constitutional Crisis

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For months the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has insisted that she would not have ‘all the facts’ to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Trump until the Mueller Report was released. When finally that happened, the man hand-picked by the president to be his Attorney General, the highest legal official in the land…

Washington’s Take on Democracy in Venezuela


In the early years of the revolution, Fidel Castro contrasted the long line of Latin American ‘golpistas’ to the fact that he and his followers came to power by winning militarily over Batista’s US-backed army. Since that time, almost every Latin American country has experienced…

The Media’s Difficult Moment


The release of the Mueller Report has put television journalists in a tight spot, trying to explain why getting ‘dirt’ on an opponent is not ok when it comes from a country’s ‘adversary’. Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd tried over and over to get Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani…

Will Trump Leave ….the United States?


Of the 400 pages of the just released Mueller Report, one sentence stands out, and it was not pronounced by an investigator: When the appointment of the Special Counsel was announced, according to eye witnesses, the President shouted: “This is terrible! It’s the end of my presidency, I’m f’d!”. The report respected…

Can America Start Taking Care of Itself, Instead of Policing Others?


In the seventies, when I returned to the US after ten years abroad, I was struck by the amount of ‘intelligence sophistication’ among America’s college graduates. At the same time, however, contrary to Europe, where it was a given, ideological literacy was strikingly absent…

From Tribe, to King, to ‘Democracy’ to Mafia


The dramatic arrest of Jullian Assange, hauled bodily from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, will be touted as an example of ‘rules-based’ politics, and yet his ‘crime’ is to have revealed the underside of modern democracy. The problem is no longer how political leaders come to power, but their growing…

Why Americans Can’t Get Free Health Care


President Trump first caused a sensation by declaring that the Republican Party would soon be known as the party of health care, cancelling the less than perfect plan that Obama managed to set up. A few days later he announced that his ‘better’ plan, would probably not…

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