Deena Stryker

Making China Great Again, Reorienting Europe


In 1820,China’s economy was the largest in the world, as it had been for centuries. Then the Opium Wars initiated by theBritish Empirefoisted Indian opium upon the country. By mid-century the ruling Qing dynasty had been so weakened that China came within a hair’s breadth of being…

Social Democracy Revealed to America


After spending most of my adult life in various Eastern and Western European countries, I returned to the US just before the turn of the twenty-first century. I had spent several periods here in previous decades, always wondering why Americans were the only highly developed people who were told nothing about the democratic…

US Lawmakers Ponder: “To Impeach?” or “To Run?”


The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, made headlines by declaring that it ‘Wasn’t Worth’ impeaching President Trump. Analysts explained this was because if an impeachment brought by the opposition party doesn’t get enough votes, that party fails to make gains…

Monarchy, Democracy, Oligarchy, Mafia… or Authoritarianism


Given increasingly serious accusations against President Trump, Americans have been mystified by the reluctance of the Democrats now in control of the House, to initiate impeachment proceedings: after all, in 1998, Bill Clinton was impeached by the Republicans for lying about an affair with a White House intern…

The New Davos Gospel, Democratic Socialism Rescues Capitalism


Although ignored by the US media, the message to come out of The World Economic Forum this year was nothing short of revolutionary: the movers and shakers of the world have been informed that globalization is in need of a serious overhaul. As one lone congressman from…

The Hunt for Konstantin Kilimnik


Since 2014, the US has been accusing Russia of having ‘invaded’ Ukraine. Yet the latest story being repeated by the news media transforms an interesting proposal by a Ukrainian national to bring peace to that country into a devious attempt to have sanctions on Russia removed!…

Italy Takes on Macron


The ever-closer bond between Emanuel Macron and Angela Merkel not only testifies that France and Germany, Europe’s two largest countries, have overcome a millenarian enmity: it reveals a jointly held contempt for Europe’s south, (in particular that represented by ‘the boot’, and its on-going…

America’s “Chattering Class”

fake news 740

While a world largely dominated by American arms and culture careens from one disaster to the next, its propagandists are obsessed with trivia: whether a governor whose college year-book exhibits a photo of a black-face standing next to a hooded clansman thirty-five years ago should resign, how many hours a day the President spends watching television, or what…

A United Europe?


A Janus specter is haunting Europe: its two thousand year ‘civilization’, and the challenge of re-imagining it. The presence, on a relatively small piece of real estate of several dozen tribes, each with their own language and successive versions of history, guaranteed that they…

Tired Old Uncle Sam


The nickname is hardly used anymore, however it was ubiquitous during World War II, when from every wall, it seemed, a stern-looking white haired man pointed to passing young men with the words: ‘Uncle Sam Wants You!’. Wondering where the name had come from, I was informed by Wikipedia…

Europe 2020: Mackinder 1— Bernays 0

9228 Journal NEO Collage

A century ago, Freud’s double nephew, Edward Bernays, pioneered the field of public relations. He realized that the Average Joe is irrational and subject to a ‘herd instinct‘—which could be controlled by what he called ‘crowd psychology’. At around the same time, a British geographer…

The US is Locked into an Irrelevant Constitution


The latest efforts to establish that President Trump is ‘a Russian asset’, (investigatese for Russian agent), is an indirect result of the fact that America’s two hundred and thirty year-old constitution designated Congress as the only branch of government that can declare war. The American colonists were…

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