Deena Stryker

Free and Fair Elections: The Model


Every time there is a major election in the US, pundits reference the ‘Florida Recount’ that handed the presidency to George Bush instead of Al Gore in the year 2000, clearing the way for a US assault on the Middle East following the attack by Al Queda on September 11, 2001. The tedious…

Trump on the March


Ever since news began to leak that Vladimir Putin had allegedly helped Donald Trump become president of the United States, the media has accused him of kowtowing to ‘authoritarians’, painting this more as a regrettable character trait than as a threat to America’s ‘democracy’. Suddenly, Trump has been able to emulate those he admires. What is worse is that he…

Europe Trying to Wing It


Although relatively small in size, ‘Europe’ or, as I prefer to call it, the Eurasian Peninsula, which has throughout history been a fractious place, is threatened with implosion by several major problems that it appears incapable of handling. First is the near-impossibility of hearing each other’s financial woes when East and West…

Trump’s Curious Problem with the Media


One of the strangest things about the Trump Presidency is that he excoriates the media for mocking him, claiming that the press is ‘the enemy of the people’, while for progressives, the press is still not going its job by failing to call out the slide toward fascism. The fact that ‘the left’ broadly speaking is still seen as the devil incarnate…

The Democrats’ Problem with Power Boomerangs


Barely a week after Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder called for Democrats to get tough, both were the targets of pipe bombs, together with several other Democratic political figures, the day after President Trump goaded his followers to go after ‘the left-wing mob’, using the term by which Republicans have long referred…

The Democratic Party’s Problem with Power


With the approval of a conservative, anti-feminist judge to the Supreme Court, the divide between Democrats and Republicans widened, as it does periodically. But this time around, it goes far toward explaining why socialism has never been able to gain a foothold in the United States, notwithstanding that the Democratic party has more members than the Republican Party and wear…

Women Will be at the Head of the Second American Revolution


It’s long overdue, partly because for decades, women’s liberation was infantilizing American men. If it finally happens, the revolution will be driven by women, Blacks and Latinos, but men will have to join in. For decades after…

We the People and “Our” Democracy


The drama being enacted around the promotion of a sexist, alcohol-prone judge to what is invariably described as ‘the highest court in the land’ for emphasis, is not only about women’s place in society, it’s a cringing demonstration of how empty the word ‘democracy’ is. Since it was designated as…

The Truth about ‘Democracy’


The inability of governments to ‘get things done’ is what is on display in the drama being played out over the threat to the US and the world of an American president who is ‘unfit for the office’— whom the American political system should have never allowed to run. The latest revelation is that only a few months after Donald Trump took office, top officials…

1918-2018: The UN Turns East


On the day when the American President delivered his second speech to the United Nations General Assembly, followed by the Presidents of France, Turkey and Iran, the nightly news only reported the fact that the audience laughed when Trump boasted about his domestic accomplishments…

Korea: So Who’s in Bad Faith Here?


In 1945, with the surrender of Japanwhich had occupied Korea during the second world war, the United Nations put that country under trusteeship. Much like what was happening in Germany, zones of occupation were allotted to the victors. In Germany there were four zones, the US and…

The Migrant Crisis and the Stubborn Minority


As the world witnesses a hopeless effort on part of its Caucasian minority to retain for as long as possible its supremacy over the other 84% of the world’s population, the example of Africans and Middle Easterners fleeing to Europe appears to have served as…

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