Dmitry Bokarev

Russia is Strengthening its Positions in Laos


South East Asia is a thriving region with a large population and significant economic and political potential. Strengthening influence in South East Asia is an important task for the world’s leading powers. The main partner of Russia in the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is Vietnam. However…

Vietnam- Russia’s Key Ally in ASEAN


The Socialist Republic of Vietnam was at one time one of the poorest countries in Asia. But, as a result of the transformation that the country has undergone in the last few decades, many are now of the opinion that it deserves to be considered as one of the ‘Asian tigers’ – a designation that traditionally refers to Hong Kong…

Russia May Become a Leading LNG Supplier in Asia-Pacific


The serious environmental problems faced by China in the past decade have forced it to reform its energy industry. One of the main changes has been the large-scale transition from coal to a more eco-friendly type of hydrocarbon fuel – natural gas. China’s decision to shield its…

Russian Peaceful Atom is Supporting Peace in Africa


As is well-known, Russia is one of the most popular suppliers of nuclear technologies. The experience and high safety standards of Russian nuclear specialists are recognised throughout the world. Many developing countries in Africa…

Can India Offer its Neighbors an Alternative to China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’?


As China continues to develop its ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative (OBOR), its main competitor in the region, India, is working on its own international infrastructure projects. These are aimed at strengthening India’s influence in the region and providing…

Cambodia is Turning Towards Russia


During the Soviet period the USSR cooperated actively with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), supporting them in their struggles for independence and in their opposition to the policies of Western countries. Following the fall of the USSR and the end of…

Russia Strengthens its Position in Bangladesh Through Energy


As it is well known, the economy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh (PRB) is one of the least developed, but one of the fastest growing economies of Asia demonstrating steady growth in the last few years. Today many countries seek to cooperate with PBR, in the hope of…

Russian and Japan are Building Up the Economic Co-operation


As is well known, both the geographical position of Japan and its need for the import of hydrocarbon fuels have facilitated the development of relations of that country with Russia. Only the long-standing Kuril Islands dispute stopped Japan from becoming one of the main…

China Strengthens Influence on Indian Frontier


As it is known, all the states bordering with India are the zones of the Indian-Chinese struggle for the economic, political, and military dominance (except for Pakistan – a traditional opponent of India either with or without China). Even those that have traditionally cooperated…

Trend of Inter-Regional Cooperation of Russia and China


The cooperation at the regional level gives additional depth and solidity to the economic relations between the two countries. It demonstrates the level of mutual trust and facilitates the establishment of truly warm relations, economic…

Uranium Brings Together Kazakhstan and China


The Republic of Kazakhstan (the RK) has the largest uranium resources, and the country has been the world’s major producer and supplier of this material for several years. The sale of uranium is one of the major export items in the Republic. This business is becoming…

India Loses Out the Maldives to China


At the end of 2017, the Free Trade Agreement was signed between China and the Republic of Maldives – an insular country situated in the Indian Ocean, not far from Sri Lanka and southwest of India. This deal became an untoward surprise for India. The capital of the Republic of…

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