Gordon Duff

Russia’s “Miracle” in Crimea

The bloodless and efficient, even “miraculous” Russian move into Crimea is now having “second wave” repercussions. Evidence now indicates that…

The Obama “Un-Presidency”

During the last months of the Bush administration, a Secret Shadow Government (SSG) was created to sabotage President Obama, politically,…

Ukrainian Underbelly, the Hidden Combatant

Last week, in the Eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, unidentified masked individuals purporting to represent pro-Russian demonstrators passed out leaflets…

NATO’s Death Throes in Ukraine

An animal is its most dangerous when mortally wounded. There can be no other explanation for NATOs recent actions. In…

“Without Foundation,” How America Became a Terrorist State

To all appearances, the situation in the Ukraine proves the Cold War is alive and well, perhaps even “thriving.” The…

Flight 370, Terrorism Derailed

Some stories never seem to go away and some stories should never go away. When dealing with the mysterious disappearance…

Flight 370: Another US Conspiracy?

On March 13, 2014 Veterans Today said they could prove Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was “on the ground.” The mainstream…

The Ethics of “Doomsday” Tech

Several new “deniable” technologies some with both military and civilian applications have become available, essentially since 1960. In every case,…

Leaked documents show US Embassy in Ukraine is staging a False Flag

Evidence, including intercepted emails from “Anonymous Ukraine” and interviews with US special operations contractors, has led to the discovery of…

Operation Ukraine: The Smell of Psyops

In January, 2014, Major General Paul Vallely, retired from the US Army 21 years ago, met with leaders of Al…

Gladio, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

We are seeing it today, in the Ukraine, Syria, across Africa; more than two dozen instances have been cataloged. Highly…

American Intel Meltdown

You won’t read about it anywhere. We could say the problem, and that term is an understatement, was caused by…

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