Gordon Duff

A Deadly Spring for Syria and the World


Trump has just asked Congress for $150bn for military operations in the Middle East at a time when the US is, supposedly, shutting down its efforts there and has very few troops stationed and nearly none at all in combat. This is more money than the US spent when it had up to 20,000…

Deadly Misconceptions that Drive Chaos


Events are already in motion, Britain and France are likely to join the US in a war on Iran with a timetable somewhere around early May or late April 2018 in the works. Only the casus belli is yet to be determined but if events follow those of the last two decades, there is a list of false flag events sitting on John Bolton’s desk…

The Netanyahu Problem


A series of scandals have come together, mostly around Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and threaten the world. While under criminal indictment in Israel, Netanyahu is running for re-election, telling the people of Israel that he has the full backing of American and Russian leaders…

How RussiaGate Cripples Middle East Peace


As February 2018 draws to a close, the Mueller investigation into Russian complicity in America’s 2016 election is only “window dressing.” Illegal payoffs to prostitutes out of Trump inaugural and campaign funds, Trump’s fraudulent foundation, his interference in the investigation…

Saudi Arabia and the Upcoming Secret Nuclear War


With Israel issuing direct threats against both Syria and Iran of thermonuclear devastation if either nation retaliates against Israeli bombing attacks, the world moves closer to the brink. Many factors, including and especially Israel’s internal political collapse, are pushing…

Has Trump Broken with Israel, the Senate Says “Yes”


President Donald Trump suffered a stinging defeat at the hands of the United States Senate when that organization passed a non-binding resolution demanding an end to his policy of disengagement in Syria and Afghanistan. It was Donald Trump that moved America’s embassy in Israel…

Is Trump Walling America In?


Why is there a fight over a wall?  It can’t be the money.  America just bought two more aircraft carriers at $7-10 billion each, and if they are like the last one, they will arrive broken and unfixable.  It isn’t just that, $5 or $10 billion for a wall?  Reagan spent $2.5 trillion on…

American “Tomfoolery,” the Only Thing in America that Really Works


“Tomfoolery, foolish or silly behavior.” Washington is a city of liars in a nation of liars. From the strutting Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon to the bought and paid for hallowed halls of congress, the business is lying. It’s an industry, carefully coordinated with fake press…

Governed by Small Men, Why Veterans Must Speak Out


Last summer I spent a lazy week or so in Barbados with my good friend, Gene.  Gene, of course, is Colonel Eugene Khrushchev, a former Soviet airborne forces commander who served in Afghanistan.  We share more than friendship, we share a hatred of war, a hatred learned on…

Social Credit Systems and Basic Human Rights


As many know, China has instituted a system of official “social credit” monitoring which is supposed to come online by 2020. Every man, woman and child in China would have a magic number, based on key behaviors, personal finances, health and education levels, social and political…

The Strange Case of Marzeih Hashemi


Marzeiah Hashemi disappeared on Sunday, January 13, 2018 from the St. Louis International Airport while on a domestic flight to Colorado. She had been in the United States for two weeks. No one knows where she is but, allegedly, she was “picked up” by the FBI or some other agency…

Vice, Laying Bare America’s Most Disgusting Politician, Dick Cheney


Today’s film is “Vice,” a film that rips apart Dick Cheney. We might ask why something like this is important, are we apologizing for America’s rampage around the world killing millions, using psychopath Cheney as an excuse? Are we warning the world that if there could be…

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