Grete Mautner

EU Reaction to Trump: What’s With the Face?


On Tuesday, Donald Trump’s victory has literaly shocked all those who were conducting poll after poll both in the US and in Europe. The fact that Trump was able to correctly understand the aspirations of ordinary Americans, both from rural and industrial regions, was hard…

Will the Criminal Election Leave the L Sign on the Forehead of Every American Adult?


It won’t be too much of an exaggeration to state that the latest presidential election in the United States exposed the criminal nature of…

The US May Soon Face an Apocalyptic Seismic Event


Today, an ever increasing number of earthquakes in the United States may soon bring the country to ruin, as geologists, journalists and politicians say. The University of Washington has already presented seismological charts showing…

Who is Profiting from the Rise of Fascism?


On October 21, 2016 a typical Estonian school witnessed an opening ceremony of the bronze bust of Harald Nugiseks. He was an SS-Oberscharführer (Sergeant) in World War II, who served voluntarily in the 20th Waffen Grenadier Division…

So, For How Long has Washington been on Dope?


It’s safe to say that the abuse of painkillers and psychotropic drugs has become epidemic in the United States, while the situation is being aggravated by the struggle for the legalization of marijuana…

How Come the Biden Family is Above US Laws?


Each notion proclaimed by the White House as the top priority of the Obama administration’s policies is in fact just a slogan. Quite often such slogans are used by the ruling elites to divert the attention of the public from their behind-the-scenes crimes…

For How Long Washington has been Engaged in Witch-Hunting for Profit?


With the US general government debt at 108% of GDP,which constitutes the whooping sum of 19.5 trillion dollars, most people will find it hard to comprehend this sum…

Is there An End to the Perpetual War in Afghanistan


This week marks the 15th anniversary of American invasion of Afghanistan and the toppling of the Taliban regime in the course of the Operation Enduring Freedom. However, Western military intervention has brought no stability to…

Hollande’s Attempt to Score Political Points by Talking with Putin was Derailed by Washington


In recent years, in an unannounced agreement, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia have become a sort of a trump card among Western politicians…

British War Crimes Shouldn’t Go Unpunished


Just the other day, the UK Prime Minister Theresa May hand in hand with the British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has sharply criticized the possibility of criminal prosecution of British soldiers that…

Illegal Migrants and a Growing Terrorist Threat in Europe


In the midst of its recent joint press conference with French President Francois Hollande in Paris, German Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed out that Europe faces both a terrorist threat and the challenges posed by migration…

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