Grete Mautner

Washington and Ankara are Parting Ways with One Another


These days one can come across all sorts of articles trying to predict the direction US-Turkish relations take, as we witness a major shift on the geopolitical stage and both of these states play no small part in it. As it’s been noted by American analysts, unlike in previous eras…

Dissecting Washington’s Color Revolution Techniques


As it’s been pointed out by a number of prominent statisticians, over the last hundred years Washington has interfered in the internal affairs of at least 50 countries for a total of 130 individual cases. As for the last three decades, there’s been more than 40 instances of such interference, including cases of elections meddling and fraud, coup d’etats…

Britain’s on the Path to the Total Nuclear Meltdown


If only half a century ago Britain was among the leading players in the nuclear industry market that was exporting its technologies and building nuclear plants all across the world, it’s safe to say that today it’s nothing but a hollow shadow of its former glory. The number of operational nuclear power plants across the UK has been…

The Struggle for Uzbekistan – a Key Component of Washington’s Central Asia Pivot?


Out of all of the former USSR-dominated regions, Central Asia remains the only one where the US hasn’t acquired sustainably aligned satellite countries. For this very reason, we can expect the US to start…

Do You Really Deserve a Nobel Peace Prize, Mister Trump?


It’s hard to argue that the sitting US president is particularly good at attracting public attention to his persona, which he has proven once again last week, when he announced that he deserved to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on North Korea and Syria. But then he…

Britain’s Dire Economic Situation is of Little Concern for Theresa May


It seems that the most haunting question in Britain today is: What future awaits its citizens after Brexit? This is hardly an example of lazy thoughts, as there’s a rapid deterioration of the living conditions of the British population – a direct result of numerous miscalculations…

Will the Queen of England be Evacuated to Saudi Arabia or Iran?

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These days controversy has become the earmark of modern geopolitics. Yet, there’s things most anybody would agree with, regardless of his or her alignment. For instance, there’s no arguing that when you’re navigating troubled waters the last person you want to see at the helm…

Finally, Washington is Now Law-Bound to Compensate its Victims!


Since most of us are aware of the way Washington approaches its alleged fight against terrorism, murdering tens of thousands of civilians in the process, it seems that the relatives of all those who perished under American bombs in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria may finally get their…

Yellow Revolution Will Be Televised


The Yellow Vests movement, that was launched by French workers to oppose the fuel tax that Macron chose to introduce doesn’t seem to be inclined to go away even after months of continuous protests. Moreover, even though the tax was scrapped almost immediately, the protesters want…

Propaganda – the Only Weapon that London has to Distract Humanity from its Crimes


Back in the early days of mankind, warriors would paint their faces to intimidate their enemies on the field of battle. This example serves as a clear indicator that psychological warfare is just as old as the conventional one. It’s the strategies that are changing…

How Long have US Ambassadors been Manifesting Symptoms of Imperial Delusion?


Even though the year has just started, we’ve already witnessed yet another outrage of the European community over the way that its so-called allies at the other side of the Atlantic are treating it. This outrage was triggered by the letter that the United States…

Trump Slid Down the Chimney Unnoticed


Do you still remember the young girl that had a rather unfortunate experience of speaking with Donald Trump on Christmas Eve over the phone? According to a number of Western media sources the conversation went as follows: “Are you still a believer in Santa?” he asked. Yes, sir,” she said…

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