Henry Kamens

Donald Trump … Tweetler too Cute and Sanctioning Sanctuary Cities


The best ways to keep up with US domestic policy, at least in terms of immigrants, is to follow Trump’s tweets and then read some of the official press releases from Homeland Security in tandem with them, especially those about combating irregular migration patterns…

Cheating Scandal in Admission to Elite American Universities is Telltale Sign of Decay in Higher Education


One only needs to give a few lessons about how to apply to US universities – you teach students about the admission policies, motivational letters, etc. However, it is also necessary to make an attempt to get across…

Terrorist or Naive 15 Year Old: Poster Girl for Terrorist Organisation or Home Secretary?


A UK journalist went to a refugee camp in Syria and found a “British” girl who had travelled from London to join ISIS when she was 15. Shamima Begum, now 19, was interviewed and asked to be forgiven and allowed to return home. However, as she also said she doesn’t regret…

Brexit from PROPER Perspective—at least from a UK VANTAGE point!


To cut to the chase, the whole thing is very easy in the end: There is a special place in hell” for Brexit promoters. From the standpoint dependency of the EU, the negotiations have closed and there’s no reason to reopen them. It is a done deal and in spite of all…

Russia Should NOT Get Mad over “Alleged” INF Treaty Violations


Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the Russian Council Committee on Foreign Affairs recently said, “The US has taken another step towards destroying the world.” Regardless we must agree that it was understatement, especially in light of all that is happening on Donald Trump’…

CIA Democrats Conducts Overt Operation in Halls of Congress


Kentucky candidate for Governor (in 2019) Geoff Young said, “No Democrats voted to enact this dangerous strategy embraced by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). I never got any polls asking if the DNC should favor and direct millions of dollars to ex-CIA…

Sanctions and Recent Policy Shifts in Armenian-Iranian Relations


Armenian-Iranian relations have the potential to achieve new levels of ‘amicable’ collaboration—if the two nations are left alone to deal with one another. Although few laypersons can even locate one or the other on a map, many soon will be able to as American sanctions on Iran impact…

“Sand and Death” Trump Says It All in Geopolitical Doublespeak


One thing is certain; there is no definitive transcript for what is going on in Syria and who is benefitting the most from pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan. But if we listen to MSNBC and other so-called MSM outlets, at least get the bullet points and work from there we can…

Lugar Biolab: Will the Truth be Revealed before the Spin Doctors Label it a Conspiracy


It is bad enough that the Lugar Lab in Tbilisi, an alleged front for public health research has been feathered on about every Russian TV channel over its role in viral and bacterial (germ) warfare, but now Georgia faces a new round of recriminations. Such news is…

Perfect Storm is Brewing in Georgia


It takes little imagination to understand that a perfect storm must be brewing when a shift in US foreign policy and a contested presidential election in another country occur at the same time. Add to the mix a dispute over who will be accepted as the next ambassador to that country occur at the same…

Why Do Fundamentalist Christians Support Israel – Right Or Wrong?


It appears that many fundamentalist Christians support the hard-line policies of the Israeli Government (currently consisting of the parties Likud, United Torah Judaism, Shas, Kulanu and the Jewish Home) more blindly and fanatically than…

Hijacking Terrorist Acts for Political Gain—Where Propaganda Ends and Reality Begins?


Few Americans can really get the gist of what is going on these days, pipe bombs being sent to key opponents of the Trump administration, or are they able to tell you what is a false flag, and with this in mind, it…

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