Henry Kamens

Casualties of American Democracy: Trump Serves Up Immigrants as Scapegoats


One thing that is most predicated about the American political landscape is the pack-of-lies that flows before elections, especially under the Trump administration. We have heard so many recently that most have even stopped trying to separate the truths…

Case of Badri Patarkatsishvili “Heating Up” into History of Money Laundering


In many cases a second tier story is the one that should be getting the press, as breaking news but doesn’t because it is not the one closer to the West – the same West which until recently always maintain that Saudi Arabia and its Royal Family…

Can Pigs Fly? Georgian Swine Flu Now Spreading to Europe and China


My mother used to have a favorite expression: “I can put my ass where you cannot put your face”. That is the response that needs to be conveyed to some of the spin doctors of misinformation who are starting to flood the internet with articles that don’t address the issues raised over…

US-funded “Disinformation Oversight” of Bio Weapons Prevention Programmes in Georgia


The Richard Lugar Lab is fast becoming a topic of household conversation in both Georgia and the Russian Federation, because increasing numbers of people care that it is not a public health facility…

Watch Out for “Choppy Waters” in Border Regions to Russia, Especially for Georgia


Georgia and many countries close to the United States are caught between two fires, serving as a proverbial no man’s land between the competing interests of the United States and the Russian Federation. Such regions, and buffer zones, make me think…

Sam Patten: Spy 4-Hire: Completing the Jigsaw of Double Agents and “Deep State” Actors


Now that Sam Patten has been caught acting as a foreign agent, making illegal lobbying efforts on behalf of the Government of Ukraine and, according to CNN, pro-Russian Oligarchs, we can start looking deeper into what is really going on in Washington—and put together…

Brass-Checking the Fact-Checkers, Media Manipulation and Plight of Journalism


To understand what is going on in the American media or “media” in general, one just needs to take a short lesson in history, looking back to the ranting of a muckraker of his time, Upton Sinclair, and the Brass Check, A Study of American Journalism (1906). Sinclair compared…

Biological and Chemical Weapons Labs on Russia’s Doorstep?


Georgia has been receiving much coverage in the regional news of late, Renn TV and other outlets, especially Russian news outlets, over America’s alleged biological and entomological weapons program. There are so…

Donald Trump and Israel: Twitler 2-Cute BUT “Dangers Ahead”


One thing that many non-Jews and even Jews don’t know is that the State of Israel stands against Jewish prophecy; to accept it as a legal/legitimate state is to go against Torah teachings. Any Jewish state which is brought into existence prior to the messianic age–by the very…

Washington “Conjures-up” Perfect Storm between Israel and Iran


It is more than coincidence that Israel is only now headset on uprooting the Iranian military presence from Syria. This newfound interest has as much to do with America as it does with Israeli political realities. Both the State of Israel and the US Republican Party oppose…

Let’s Bomb Syria to Hell Before The Truth “Blows Up” In Our Faces

Bandiera di Francia e Inghilterra

So they went ahead and did it. The UK government was caught red-handed accusing Russia of poisoning Sergei Skripal without having evidence. Donald Trump is in the process of being impeached by investigators who already know what he did, and are simply seeking the confirmation from…

Round-Up The Usual Suspects: Lebanon is, Once Again, A Necessary Diversion


Many of the problems of today’s Middle East stem from one act – the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri. But it wasn’t the assassination itself which caused these problems, but the blame game afterwards…

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