Henry Kamens

Is Kiev Headhunting for Georgian and American Mercenaries in Ukraine?


It is not hard to read between the lines of recent news articles in the Georgian press about so-called Georgian fighters in Ukraine fighting on the side of Kiev. Apparently a cleanup operation is going on, not to eliminate the alleged pro-Moscow…

Richard E. Lugar: Body of Evidence Suggests New US Biological Warfront Opening


We know that the Richard E. Lugar Centre in Tbilisi is actually a biological weapons lab. It has always been assumed that the US Department of Defense took over this facility, alongside a string of others in the former Soviet Union, for offensive purpose, and that…

Is Turkey Trying to Jump Start the Promised EU Army?


Now that Turkey is threatening to reconsider its NATO membership, the long-uttered threat of the creation of an alternative EU army is more real than ever before. The question of a “common defence policy”, which will inevitably mean some form of EU army, has been on the table…

Second Hand Weapons Flying the ‘Friendly Skies’ of Germany and Ukraine


When there was a crash near Trier, Germany, last year, involving a road transport carrying an unmarked container from the Baumholder army base, which is a weapons depot, few would have suspected that it would unmask…

And it Begins: Are Waves of EU Bond Migrants about to Inundate Georgian Villages?


There is always a price to pay for gaining the benefits of EU membership, and even the hope of eventual EU membership. When Spain first applied in the early 1980s it was obliged to cut agricultural production but only…

Does Russia See Turkish Dominance of the Middle East As A Good Thing?


When Ataturk founded modern Turkey he took advantage of the one moment in history when Turkish nationalism had an exclusive character. Turkish political leaders have always had a deep-seated need to project themselves everywhere, and not only…

OSCE’S Minsk Group: Often Flippant Agenda and New American Co-Chair


The OSCE Minsk Group has a new American co-chair. Andrew Schofer will serve as the OSCE Minsk Group’s new US co-chair, the interim US Co-Chair, Ambassador Richard…

Mikheil Saakashvili Plays His Final Card in Ukraine


Some people just don’t know when they’re beaten. Mikheil Saakashvili has once again tried to grab international attention by crossing into Ukraine from Poland, despite not having a passport or any right to enter the country…

Changing the Rules in Great Game of US Foreign Policy Failures


What is going on here? The president-elect who told us that Afghanistan was a BIG costly mistake is now changing direction. “My original instinct was to pull out”, he says, but now he claims he has bowed to advice from officials…

Identity Politics as ‘Crisis Actors’ Engage in Prelude to New American Civil War


As we have all seen on the news, an effort is underway to remove statues and other remembrances of people who fought on the losing side in the US Civil War. This has attracted a lot of publicity due…

Ukraine and NK Missile Engines: Anyone’s Game for Ukrainian Sanctions, Donald?


So that’s it! Now we know everything. The Great Explanation, long hidden from us for national security reasons, has suddenly been brought to our attention just when we need it. All we need to do is read about the rocket…

BWC Violations in Georgia and Ukraine: “Two Grey Research Bio Weapons Banana Republics”


There was a time when the US stood for what was right, and was willing to make the ultimate sacrifices for the public good…

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