Henry Kamens

The Golan Heights: Sold to the Highest Bidder Until Everyone Loses


The Golan Heights, internationally recognised as Syrian territory, were seized by Israel during the Six-Day War in 1967. The ostensible reason for this was that the Heights could be used to terrorise Israel, being mountains…

Time to “Slow-down-but-hurry-up” in Understanding Turkish Regional Agenda


Moscow is confused, the US is confused – everybody seems to be when it comes to Turkey, who is with whom and what its next move will be. Anything you write about Turkey…

South China Sea: We Want the Problem, Now You Sort It Out


First the Golan Heights, now the South China Sea – The United States used to patrol this regularly to ensure “freedom of navigation” for all the nations who claim part (or all) of the sea and the islands within it. Now it is being…

How American Weapons Are being Smuggled to Syria


Former Georgian presiden Mikhail Saakashvili still enjoys close ties with various American organizations, involving USAID, which traffics weapons under the cover of agricultural projects in West Georgia, close to Zugdidi – as one…

Trump’s Foreign Policy on Georgia – You Helped Us, Now “U are Bad 4-Doing-So!”



Let’s face a few facts. We know that Donald Trump can’t continue with current US foreign policy and has no interest in doing so. We know that part of that policy has long been turning certain countries into regional…

John McCain Caught Red Handed Planting Landmines in Georgia


It is not difficult to understand the mission John McCain was pursuing when he visited Georgia on 1-2 January. Media coverage of the trip demonstrated that something sinister was going on, and the fact that he made the trip at all…

MSM: The Drip, Drip, Drip, of the Total Lie Designed to Flood Us All With Fake News


If anything good came out of the US presidential elections it is that a discussion is now being opened about whose news counts the most, e.g., which is less fake and which can be trusted more. Both sides of the debate…

Ukrainian Neofascists Support Saakashvili in Attempted Rehabilitation


One reader recently wrote to me, “I would really love more articles on Nazi collaborators and Saakashvili.” Well there is plenty of material. Even though Saakashvili is now leaving Ukraine…

Yemen and YET another “False Flag” to Protect Saudi and US Interests in the Middle East


In Seth Ferris’ NEO article on Yemen back in April  it was suggested that the only reason the US suddenly withdrew from Yemen, after staying there through thick and thin, was because the US had only…

Hillary Clinton and her Goofy “Catholic Spring” in America


We were expecting an “October Surprise” as the US presidential election draws ever nearer. So much scandal attaches to both candidates that anything could have blown up at any time. But no one expected what has just happened…

John Kirby, US State Department Blatantly Supports Terrorists


The US government, together with the MSM, blatantly supports terrorists. The nexus between politicians, terrorism and the media is well known to the intelligence community. However these links and cozy connections are usually…

Last Ditch Effort by Saakashvili’s UNM in face of Georgian Elections


The Georgian parliamentary elections have not changed much in that country, as was expected. But the issue now is not what the government will do, but what Mikheil Saakashvili’s formerly ruling United…

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