Jean Perier

Washington is Now Willing to Pay for the ‘Acceptable Collateral Damage’


In recent days, we‘ve witnessed a chain of truly important international events related to the United States and its victims in different parts of the world. First, the US House of Representatives approved a bill allowing…

Will Saudi Arabia be Sued for 9/11 Attacks?


Last may, the US House of Representatives approved a bill that would allow families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia for its role in the terrorist plot, however it was immediately announced that Barack Obama…

Western Arms Dealers Are Behind the Mounting Death Toll in Yemen


Civilian casualties were reported yet again in Yemen on September 10, with more than 20 people falling victims of Saudi airstrikes. It should be recalled that the coalition led by Saudi…

Cynthia: Flesh-Eating Synthetic Bacteria that has Gone Wild


The reports about tests on human beings that are being routinely carried out by certain Western corporations have become a sort of a trend these days. Among others, one can recall the story about the long struggle between civil…

Why Wouldn’t Washington Fight Drug Trafficking?


Last June the US must have been celebrating its 45th anniversary of its fight against drugs. However, since the announcement of the war on drugs by President Nixon in 1971, the number of drug addicts in the United States over…

Dangerous Products that We’re Unknowingly Using in Our Day-to-day Life


In today’s highly controversial and aggressive world, virtually anything can present a threat to the life of a human being, not just wars, climate change, or short-sighted and often criminal actions of certain politicians…

Saudi Arabia – The Bloody Wonderland


The fact that one of the principle allies of the “self-proclaimed champions of democracy” is routinely beheading people makes one feel like they’re living in Lewis Carroll’s surreal “Wonderland.” According to Amnesty International…

Turkey’s Intervention in Syria – What’s at Stake?


It’s now safe to say that US military advisors took part in the planning phase of Turkey’s military intervention in Syria codenamed Euphrates Shield, not only to restore the “strategic partnership” between Washington and Ankara…

Syrian Kurds Have Become Washington’s Bargaining Chip


It’s curious that just a couple of years ago President Brarack Obama called his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan his closest friend upon the world stage. Back then, Erdogan was perceived as a loyal member of NATO and…

Russia is Dead Serious About Fighting ISIS, So Why Washington Isn’t?


On August 16 Russia’s bombers Tu-22M3 and Su-34 took off from the Hamadan airbase in Iran to launch successful strikes against ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra in the Syrian governorates of Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor. These actions…

Obama Administration – the Faithful Accomplice of ISIS


It’s clear that at this stage even those readers who haven’t been following the recent geopolitical events closely start asking the question: why, despite the billions of dollars allocated on the so-called “War on Terror” no…

Central Asian States are Reluctant to Make Friends with a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


The Central Asian region has always been distinguished by an extensive amount of attention from various international players paid to it. After the collapse of the Soviet Union this resource-rich and strategically…

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