Jean Perier

Washington Cheats its Way into the EU Energy Market, Yet it Lives Off Russian Gas


Over the past two years, Washington has been adamant in its attempts to pursue a dominant position on the international energy markets in accordance with the strategy presented by Donald Trump, which included an aggressive takeover of the European market by ensuring…

Depopulation Crisis – When Numbers Don’t Add Up, You’ve been Cheated


The population of the Earth today is just over 7.6 billion people. Up until the 1970s, the world’s population would grow in accordance with a hyperbolic formula discovered by the Austrian physicist Heinz von Foerster. Most recently, as sociologists were bracing for a demographic record, birth rates have suddenly come to a stall…

Is there an Upside to the US Military Presence in the Southeast Asia?


As of today the Southeast Asian and Asia-Pacific region have found themselves at the center of a complex international process of establishing a new regional architecture. As states carry on fighting for control over strategic sea routes that run across the region, numerous…

Who’s Trying to Prevent France from becoming Europe’s Leader


There’s no arguing that today’s political climate on the international stage has changed drastically since Donald Trump’s rise to power, as even those states that used to describe themselves as allies have a much harder time working together that they used to. Those difficulties become…

Anglo-Saxon “Eyes” are Fixed on Countering China


In spite in a number of signals that the Trump administration has made over the months to indicate that it is prepared to try to take China down alone, the better part of American policymakers have been hard at work behind the scenes, trying to put together a slapdash coalition against…

Yet Another America’s Runaway Bacteria is getting Rampant in Europe


In my previous articles I’ve touched upon the deadly weapons of tomorrow, those that reek of death and destruction for the mankind, developed in top-secret US laboratories. Previously, I’ve examined the mutated bacteria codenamed Cynthia, that was originally designed to consume…

A Bitter Defeat in Afghanistan Fails to Satisfy Washington’s Desire for Greatness


There’s absolutely no point in arguing that the US invaded Afghanistan with the sole purpose of exploiting its geographic positions and natural resources. Back in 2006, the Bush administration would have conducted…

Has the White House been Transformed into a Cozy Nest for Lame Ducks?


It seems that just yesterday the whole world was discussing a US president that would be forever remembered as a lame duck leader – Barack Obama. Most people still…

Anti-Trump Mutineers are Blindly Pushing America Towards a Civil War


It’s been just announced that Donald Trump is planing to sign a controversial law that would restrict his ability to lift sanctions on Russia, which must result in a severe…

Can the New Political Low in the UK be Matched by the Moral One


A year on from the Brexit referendum Britain feels like it is in shambles. It’s been noted that the extensive and outright visible damage has been done to its domestic politics, as the Conservative Party has been in turmoil for…

When Will America’s Crime Spree in Afghanistan End?


A report that a school in the town of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan was subjected to indiscriminate bombing by the so-called Western coalition came as no surprise for all those analysts who have been closely following the events…

Cynthia, the Runaway Fleshing Eating Bacteria, is Claiming American Lives


The Alabama Department of Public Health has recently announced that has observed a new pandemic involving a potentially deadly flesh eating virus spreading like wild fire in the Gulf of Mexico area. The majority of those…

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