Jean Perier

Cyber Attacks Have Now Become a Political Weapon


The scope of various cyber operations carried out by different state players has recently become the cause of increasing tension amid international relations. For instance, at the end of 2016, the United States accused Russia…

Do the Banned Muslim States Present a Threat to the US Security?


The 45th US President had repeatedly claimed during his election campaign that once he’s elected, he would basically do everything to destroy ISIS (the Islamic State) and expand…

Is France a Secular State?


While revisiting the concept of a “secular state” one can note that such a state is always defined by its attitude towards different religions. Therefore, a secular state – is a state where the church, along with religious communities are completely detached from the state body, while…

Why Would Theresa May Rush to Washington?


According to the latest statements from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, it’s possible that in the coming days British Prime Minister Theresa May will pay a visit to Washington. In this regard, the Telegraph, while citing…

Has Soros Declared a Full-out War on Trump?


The 86-year-old American of Hungarian origin, George Soros is now occupying 46th position in a pretty exclusive club of the richest people in the world. Back in 1990s, Soros didn’t hesitate to bankrupt the Bank of England. But…

Saudi Arabia Carries on its Deadly Harvest in Yemen


In spite of countless demands voiced by the international community to put an end to the continuous slaughter of Yemeni civilians, the so-called Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia carries on the destruction of residential areas…

Finding a Lesser Evil in Afghanistan


On October 7, 2001, the United States launched an armed invasion of Afghanistan that was allegedly aimed at destroying Al-Qaeda. Fifteen years after this act of aggression, presented as a response to the 9/11 attacks in New York and…

As Sudan Gets Messier, Washington Gets Wealthier


Both business and political circles in the United States have long been making efforts to put all oil-producing regions of the world under their direct control. In this regard, one can observe the role they played in the signing…

Nonexistent Merits of the “US-led Coalitions”


The perpetual war against terror the so-called US-led coalition is waging worldwide is now almost universally synonymous with mass murder, and this is not just another claim built upon hyperbole. By the end of the twentieth century…

British Lies Are a Secret No More


The sitting British officials remain ignorant of the fact what kind of disservice the Obama administration has made them by demanding London to repeat the twisted lies Washington has been spreading…

US Army is the Strongest, or Is It?


During a daily press-briefing the spokespesman for the Department of State Rear Admiral John Kirby would announce that the professionalism and the skill and the capabilities that are resident in the United States military are beyond debate…

Britain is Caught in the Racist Mayhem


The UK has recently witnessed an abrupt increase in racial violence cases along with abusive behavior towards strangers and foreigners. As the sitting authorities in London try to downplay the problem, claiming that such a mayhem…

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