Jean Perier

UK “Attempts” to Stop War on Yemen are Somewhat Derailed by its Arms Supplies


One would have a hard time trying to remember when the situation in the Middle East was even remotely stable. As the interests of various states get knotted up in this region, perhaps, some of them are trying…

How ISIS is Getting its Adolescent Fresh Blood


According to various studies, an ever increasing number of teenagers is being exposed to the aggressive militant propaganda. It comes as no surprise that “Islamic State” (ISIS) recruiters have been the most active agents in this…

Marlbrough s’en va-t-en Guerre


“Marlbrough is going to war” is perhaps one of the most popular French folk songs, composed by French soldiers in 1709, on the eve of the infamous battle of Malplaquet. These days this song is getting a new meaning in France, but…

Sadly, Nobody Likes America These Days


There can be no denial that over the last couple of years, anti-American sentiment across the globe has been on the rise. And even though Western corporate media sources are trying to push the blame on Russian journalists…

Is There a Way to Justify US Aggression Against Yemen


The United States stands ready to take action in “self-defense,” which it claims is necessary and appropriate to address further threats – according to an announcement US President Barack Obama made in a letter to Congress…

Who Is Boris Johnson?


The recent foreign policy scandals involving the head of the British Foreign Ministry, Boris Johnson, just like a string of those that have been trailing behind him over the years, suggest that the sitting leadership of the kingdom…

Bloody Massacre in Yemen Must be Stopped Now!


Just the other day the now battered and wounded state of Yemen has witnessed yet another barbaric act of violence against its people, when a funeral procession that was assembled to give last honors to the father of the sitting…

Can the Ongoing Internal Feud Draw the End of ISIL Nearer?


The recruitment matters of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has been actively discussed by analysts for years now. Less than a year ago, there was an ever increasing number of ISIL sympathizers that…

Will Anders Rasmussen Get a Raise for Pushing Washington’s Agenda


Just the other day, former Secretary General of NATO, former Danish Prime Minister and sitting adviser to the Ukrainian president appointed by Washington, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, decided it was…

Why America Doesn’t Believe its Corporate Media Anymore


There’s been many international events lately that have been covered by a wide range of media sources, including TV channels, newspapers and various websites. However, in an effort to attract the attention of a wider audience…

Greedy Pro-war US Lobbyists are Eager to Allow the Middle-Eastern Carnage to be Carried On


Allegations regarding the “peace-loving nature of Saudi Arabia and its aspirations amid the so-called fight against terrorism have been recently discussed by political circles across Western countriesWestern…

What is the Ultimate Price of the US “Earnest Mistake” in Syria?


The US-Russia ceasefire agreement in Syria seemed near collapse late Saturday, when US airstrikes killed dozens of Syrian soldiers “by mistake”. According to US Defense Department officials the strike “appears to be an intelligence…

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