Jeffrey Silverman

US Supplying Massive Amounts of LNG Gas to Europe is More Hot Air than Reality


In his latest effort to present himself as bigger than better than all other presidents combined, in stark contrast to the likes of George Washington, Donald Trump has announced that the US will build more than 10 liquid gas ports in the EU. The trouble is, even if he did this, it would…

“Gay Marriage” in US Creates Surrogacy “Niche Market” in Tbilisi Georgia


There is always a flip side to anything. Same sex marriage in the United States, much derided by the religious right, has also become a new marketing niche, thus becoming acceptable by default amongst the same religious right by also satisfying free market principles. In…

When did the Bill of Rights become a Bad Joke?


“Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” … we have all heard the words. Unfortunately, as I just discovered, they don´t mean anything anymore. Once upon a time there was a First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the one about Freedom of Speech. Then there came…

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