Jim Dean

World Teetering on the Brink says Federal Reserve and EU Commission


“Don’t worry about the mule, just load the wagon.” – an old Southern American saying. We had an unusual double header last week with the Federal Reserve and the EU commission making two apparently uncoordinated statements, but that could not have come at a better time. I will…

Election Interference vs Rand Corporation Full Spectrum Assault on Russia

RAND NEO Journal Collage 740 b

Americans have endured endless media coverage about election interference as if that were some horrible class of crime. But it really isn’t, and never has been. The latest examples are Trump’s weighing in to support Bibi Netanyahu for re-election, without which the ex-general…

The United States of Accusations versus Iran

9228 Journal NEO Collage

Trump has taken over the Persian Gulf, and by that I don’t mean militarily, but in Trump’s attack method of choice, dominating the media. His 2019 hit list gets longer and longer; his Mexican border wall, then Venezuela, where that issue was broadened to include Cuba and Nicaragua as “threats” to the US, a laughable concept…

Truth or Consequences in the Russian Arctic


The story of the Russian Arctic development has taken a back seat to the major geopolitical stories that grab the news headlines and are more suitable to one-sentence Twitter discussions. The Artic is not. It is a cold mystery wrapped in a freezing enigma. Yes I know that is an old…

Agent Orange Still Lives on in Tombstones and Broken Bodies


The ghost of the Vietnam War continues to haunt those Americans still alive who fought in it. Gordon Duff fears he may be the last of his two squads still alive, a lonely honor, or dishonor depending on how one looks at it. This is not a cheap shot at the Vets. They had no say…

US Coalition Boot Remains on Syria’s Neck


We all have heard enough Trump flip-flops on policy to not get too excited about anything reasonable that occasionally comes out of his mouth. Such things are usually an accident, and if not, his NeoCon handlers and Netanyahu will put him back onto the unipolar path to great wealth and power. High hopes were flying in 2018 when the Syrian coalition had finally defeated ISIS militants…

Who will Win Control over Libya and its Energy Wealth?


It appears now that the Benghazi-based Libyan National Army’s (LNA) General Khalifa Haftar wants to negotiate the final settlement with the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord’s(GNA)Al Serraj government over who will rule over Libya and its oil and gas reserves, after…

Would the US destroy Venezuela to punish Russia and China?


The lights are coming back on in Venezuela, businesses are starting to reopen and the country seems to have suffered through the worst of the power outages, at least this stage of it anyway. We will now have some time to take a closer look at what happened, and why. All eyes…

Did Cohen Burn Trump Down, or Just Singe Him a Bit?

Michael Cohen

After having his Congressional testimony appearance delayed due to threats against his family, Michael Cohen had his big day, coinciding with Trump’s big meeting with Kim in Hanoi. The Republicans had their long knives out, and the Democrats were locked and loaded, praying…

US launches Unipolar Crusade at Warsaw and Munich Conferences


“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”… Voltaire. Some might say the dust has settled from the Warsaw and Munich conferences, while others would say that Netanyahu and…

Warsaw Conference – Is the US Coalition Pre-staging War with Iran?


As we approach the start of the Warsaw conference it is time to read the teas on what to expect. I had to wait a day or two later than I wanted to write this because so much of the Foreign minister attendee list was still up in the air when that was needed to gauge the initial…

The EU Special Purpose Vehicle is here – Sort of


I had written two pending SPV stories earlier this week, after Monday’s news that an “announcement was imminent”. I was betting that it would not happen yet, and did a review of where the process was at that point, examining both the external and internal challenges that the EU faced…

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