Jim Dean

Pentagon Wants Big War Funding – Now


We are off to a huge news cycle for 2019, with everything from shifting sands in the Mideast, to what some say could be a growing class rebellion in the EU, which might tip its house of cards over. The Trump White House interprets its Syria policy differently day after day. More countries state their intentions to resume ties with Syria, including many in Europe…

What Happens Now with Syria?


I was typing away the day after Christmas with the warmth of a crackling fire behind me and thinking about the long list of countries involved in the Syrian war drama. They are now scurrying around to draw up contingency plans, not only for what action they might need to take now, but how to respond to…

Trump Pulls Out of Syria – Why the Surprise Move Now?


Washington NeoCons are in a rage over the Trump news of his reported pull out of all American troops from Syria. This is not literally true of course, but I will get to that in a minute. First we must go over what was said leading up to the surprise move to get some clues as to why…

Mueller and FBI versus Trump – Who Will Win?


It is time for the reclusive Mr. Mueller to begin revealing where the focus of his investigation is going. This week, sentencing hearings begin for those who have cooperated with the government in the hopes of a lighter sentence. The FBI has to provide sentencing recommendations…

Poroshenko’s Kerch Gamble Goes Down in Flames


The hysterics over the Kerch incident have simmered down a bit, and we now have enough material and main actor statements to take a closer look at what happened. I won’t review the details of Kiev’s semi-Kamikaze attack attempt through the Kerch Straits, as that has been well covered, the claims anyway. What we can clearly see now is that if Poroshenko…

State of the Union before US Elections


The US midterm elections will soon be over. Some will be celebrating, with others passing the crying towel around. Another group of spinmeisters will then go to work for those who have lost, claiming Russian interference or whatever they can invent to dodge responsibility for their own…

Kashoggi’s Message in a Bottle, Will We Get It?


We may never know if Mr. Kashoggi had a premonition about his visit to the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. He walked in to complete some routine paperwork to marry the anxious lady waiting outside for him, and has now become part of journalism history. But for his incredible foresight to wear…

Mueller Investigation Takes Two Trump Knights in Latest Chess Move


It was a big day to see Paul Manafort tagged with eight felony convictions, and Trump’s lawyer Eliot Cohen pleading guilty in another case, admitting that his acts were directed by Mr. Trump. This is a first in America presidential history. The Manafort trial was worrisome…

Is the US Beheading the Turkish Economy as an Act of Terror?


The US continues to play its poker game of “Show Down” with a growing list of unhappy countries. We are at the point where we might soon see a call to rename the US… to the United States of Sanctions, the USS. Turkey is getting most of the publicity now with its currency and economy under assault. The sanctions…

North Korea Deal Takes Flight While JCPOA Sinks


I just finished doing Press TV live rolling coverage on North Korea’s Kim Jong-un walking over the Panmunjom border to shake hands with S. Korean President Moon Jae-in to begin their historic meeting, the first time a North Korean leader has even been in S. Korea. Many had thought…

EX-CIA Chief John Brennan Describes Trump as a National Security Risk


Trump is… ‘Unstable, inept, inexperienced, and also unethical’ ~ John Brennan. Well the gloves have certainly come off now. No former top security government official has even made such damning statements about a sitting president as ex-CIA…

Shifting Sands in a Post-Daesh Mid East


“Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions.” ― Winston S. Churchill. I will not say I predicted the emergence for a post-Daesh NATO-like coalition among those who had been targeted for destruction by the real War of Terror crowd…

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