Joseph Thomas

American Meddling in the Maldives is Aimed at China


The United States was exuberant after its proxies took power in the Maldives during the September 24th elections.  Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) came out with 58% of the vote over incumbent, President Abdulla Yameen. Former US Ambassador to the UN…

Washington vs Beijing: US Proxies Emerge Ahead of Thai Elections


At a time when the United States has intensified its confrontation with Russia based on claims that Moscow interfered in US and allied politics (i.e. the UK and prospective NATO members in Eastern Europe), the US openly meddles everywhere from Europe and Africa to the Middle…

US “Investigates” Genocide in Myanmar, Commits Genocide in Yemen


Rarely is US hypocrisy so cynical and overt as a recent US State Department investigation into ongoing violence in Myanmar, all while the US continues its full spectrum support of Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war on Yemen. In addition to Washington’s role in Yemen, the US also…

West Decries Mainland-Hong Kong High-Speed Rail

5537h Journal NEO Collage

China recently opened yet another high-speed rail line, this one linking Hong Kong to China’s mainland, cutting the trip to Beijing from 24 hours to just 9. Yet progress made by China in expanding what is already the largest high-speed rail network in the world, has been decried by…

UN Report Cynically Spins Rohingya Genocide


Media headlines claim an independent UN report is calling for genocide charges against Myanmar officials. Qatari state media outfit Al Jazeera in its article, “UN report calls for genocide charges against Myanmar officials,” claims: Myanmar’s senior military officials must be prosecuted…

US Meddling: Washington Backs Fugitive, Terrorist in Thailand


America’s bid to install a compromised Thai politician into power is part of a larger bid to encircle China with hostile and dysfunctional client states. The US is currently pressuring the Southeast Asian Kingdom of Thailand to hold immediate elections…

Thai Political Crisis: What the Western Media Omits


Political pressure is mounting in the Southeast Asian Kingdom of Thailand ahead of anticipated elections early next year. However, political analysts across the West have consistently portrayed Thailand’s political crisis as if existing in a vacuum divorced from geopolitics…

Soros-funded HRW Defends Terrorists, Accomplices in Thailand


Thailand was the scene of a smaller-scale foreign-backed destabilisation similar to those carried out by the United States and Europe against nations like Libya, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine from 2011 onward. Between April and May of that year, nearly 100 would die and many more…

West Fumes as US Meddling in Cambodian Elections is Foiled


It would be unthinkable for an American opposition party run openly out of Moscow to compete in American elections. It would be even more unthinkable for the Russian government to declare US elections illegitimate for disallowing a Moscow-backed party from running in American…

How US Influence is Co-Opting Malaysia’s Governance


The Diplomat, which claims to be “the premier international current-affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific region,” has recently published a piece granting credit for Malaysia’s recent general election results to what it calls, “everyday activists.”The article is in fact titled, “The Everyday Activists Behind…

US Propaganda: Time Magazine Takes Swipe at Thailand


Time Magazine’s article titled, “Thailand’s Leader Promised to Restore Democracy. Instead He’s Tightening His Grip,” reflects Wall Street and Washington’s growing displeasure with the current Thai government and its seemingly successful efforts to pivot the nation away from US-backed…

What’s Really Behind Anti-China Protests in Vietnam?


US and European media outlets reported anti-Chinese protests across Vietnam. Claims regarding numbers varied greatly from several hundred to others claiming several thousand. The Western media was particularly careful not to mention the names of any of the individuals or organisations…

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