Petr Lvov

Oil Supplies from the Persian Gulf May Soon be Cut Off Completely


As it’s been reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation with special reference to an unnamed source in the Australian government, the United States may soon launch strikes against nuclear facilities in Iran. At the same time, both the Australian and British military…

Daesh Appears Again


On July 24 in the south of Syria, terrorist group forbidden in Russia Daesh very loudly reminded the world of itself. In As-Suwayda and the south west of Deraa, two massive suicide bombings occurred, resulting in more than 220 people killed and close to 200 wounded in As-Suwayda, while the suicide bomber…

Houthis Appeal to Russia for Help


Mahdi al-Mashat, President of the Houthi Supreme Political Council (the political wing of the Ansar Allah movement) has requested Russia for help in resolving the military conflict in Yemen. In a letter sent to President Vladimir Putin, Mahdi al-Mashat emphasised the “aggression against Yemen”…

Unrest in Southern Iraq


As expected, following the victory in the Iraqi parliamentary elections of the Muqtada al-Sadr bloc, together with pro-Communist parties, a serious political crisis has broken out in the country, which has yet to form a government. The winning parties campaigned on a platform based on…

Netanyahu has No Business Talking Business in Moscow


On July 11, Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Moscow. He announced on the eve of his departure to Russia that this visit would play a pivotal role in the bilateral relations of the two countries in light of the ongoing Syrian debacle. It is clear what lies behind…

Over the Persian Gulf, Dark Clouds have Gathered Once Again


Last week, the US State Department said that Washington will attempt to persuade its allies to stop purchasing oil from Iran completely by early November. Reportedly, negotiations are already underway with representatives from India and China…

Trump’s Deal on Palestine – the White House’s Latest Illusion


In an interview with the Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds, the son-in-law and advisor to the US president, Jared Kushner said, following his recent visit to the Near East, an American plan for Palestinian-Israeli resolution will soon be published, named in advance the “deal of…

Upcoming Summit Russia – US: Syrian Matters or Global Issues?


The meeting between the Russian and US Presidents, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, is to take place in Helsinki on 16 July. Immediately after the National Security Advisor to the US President, John Bolton, had been hosted by the Russian leader on 27 June of this year, rumors and…

Western Fantasies about Russia-Saudi Arabia Plot


Recently, the OPEC countries and Russia (note: OPEC+) have agreed to increase oil output to a million barrels per day. In reality, the increase will amount to approximately 600,000 barrels, as “some countries” are experiencing problems with extraction, in general. This the was…

Turkey Election Results: Erdogan Remains in Power with Odds in his Favour


On June 24, Turkey held the Presidential and Parliamentary elections simultaneously for the first time. They were to conclude the process of the Constitution reform aimed at the country’s transition from the parliamentary governmental form to the presidential one. Recep Tayyip…

Syrian Games: Expulsion of Iran and Russia Continues


A number of countries are strengthening their efforts to force Iran out of Syria and diminish Russia’s influence there at all costs. On 17 June unidentified airplanes struck a massive blow against the Syrian military and Iranian proxy forces in the region of Abu Kamal causing…

A New Dimension of the Conflict in Yemen


For more than a week, the forces of the so-called Saudi-led Arab coalition have been assaulting Hodeida, a city with a population of well over 600,00 people located on the Red Sea coast of Yemen. Hodeida is also the location of a large port. So far, the Houthi insurgence, led by…

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