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What’s behind the Geneva agreements on Syria?

NEO collage
The Geneva agreements on Syrian chemical weapons continue being the top matter in major international media and the key issue…

Syria: Putin’s answer to the crisis

It would seem that the international pro-peace community can finally rejoice, sit back and enjoy the fruits of victory. Should…

Syria on the Eve of U.S. Aggression

On Sept. 3, Israel carried out the launch of two ballistic missiles in the direction of the Syrian Arab Republic.…

Syria: Obama’s delayed aggression

MONUC Peacekeeper Deployed on Security Detail
On the night of August 31 everyone was busy waiting for President Obama's speech. Back in the Iraqi days such…

CIA is charged with arming Syrian opposition

On July 23 as a result of prolonged and heated debates in the both houses of the Congress, both the…

What are the United States Supposed to Do in the Middle East?

The Arab spring events of 2011-2012, and mostly the current state of things in Syria and Egypt suggests that United…

The Iraqi Crisis Is Deepening

The situation in Iraq continued growing sharply worse during the second half of May despite the Iraqi government’s efforts to…

Syria: the opposition is in retreat

Фото: Flickr
With financial assistance from Qatar and Saudi Arabia drying up and the flow of weapons from Turkey and Lebanon slowing,…

Why frighten people with Syrian chemical weapons?

Recent statements by senior officials of the United States and other countries concerning Syria’s possible use of chemical weapons against…

Syria Is Resisting

On May 15, the UN General Assembly approved Qatar’s initiative for a new anti-Syrian resolution, as it did in August…

Iraq is on the brink of collapse

The situation in Syria, where the violent conflict between the Bashar al-Assad regime and the armed opposition, which is half…

Qatar is Russia’s chief rival in the natural gas market

Qatar recently announced that it plans to compete with Russia in Southern Europe’s natural gas market. Qatari Prime Minister and…

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